In defense of Balen Shah: why the mayor of Kathmandu needs your support now

Balen Shah. Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ale

Balen Shah. Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ali The people of Kathmandu voted for Balen Shah in last year’s local elections capitalThe mayor of the U.S., whom many thought would lose the election as an independent candidate. After his victory, the people of Kathmandu had high hopes from him. Apparently, it was a revolution that resulted in … Read more

MP Mahesh Basnet furious on social media for trying to force Balen

mahesh basnet facebook hate speech

Kathmandu. Social media has become ‘balenmay’ at this time. For the last two days, the work of demolition of illegal structures is going on under the leadership of Mayor of Kathmandu city Balendra Shah (Balen). There is a dozer operating in the building, especially when building a building, where homeowners who get a 90% discount … Read more

Technology friendly waste management now in Kathmandu

Technology friendly waste management now in Kathmandu

Kathmandu. Technical system will be implemented for waste management of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. While presenting the policy and program of the metropolis for the coming financial year 2079/80, Mayor Balendra Sah said that necessary study will be done for technology friendly waste management. He said that sustainable management of municipal solid waste would be done … Read more

Balen Shah: Kathmandu’s mayor-in-waiting represents change in every way

Balen says his objective is to create a healthy environment where the public is both mentally and physically well.

Independent candidates rarely win big elections in Nepal, but Balan Shah aka Balen or Balendra Shah has changed history. His victory was however denied by political analysts, and although his claim of 90,835 votes was not achieved in numbers, he achieved his victory as mayor. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. While the counting of votes … Read more

Understanding Balan Shah’s Potential Victory as Mayor of Kathmandu in 5 Points

Balen Shah. Photo: Chandra Bahadur Ale

Recent local elections were full of surprises, especially with waves of individual independent candidates leading elections in various municipalities. Among many, the major attraction of this movement lies with Balen Shah (also simply called Balendra Shah or Baleen), a notable singer of a particular musical genre called rap. Balen Shah is also a structural engineer … Read more

Balen Shah to Kathmandu mayor: is it too early to be certain?

Balen Shah - Sirjana Singh Shrestha- Keshav Sthapit

Who will be the next mayor of Kathmandu? This is a question that is in everyone’s mouth. Will Balan Shah be an independent candidate or Keshav Santhal of UML or Sirjana Singh of Nepali Congress? With the counting of votes going at snail’s pace, it is likely to take more than a week to find … Read more

As Balan Shah’s lead continues to enthuse Kathmandu, slow vote count across Nepal leaves country disappointed

Vote count is underway in Kathmandu after local elections, in Kathmandu, in May 2022.

Kathmandu, 15 May Nepal is counting votes for the local elections held last Friday. While people are excited about the emerging developments, the most shocking news for them has been the rise of independent candidate Balen Shah. Kathmandu Metropolitan City, As of 11:15 am on Sunday, the rapper has got 2,457 points against Keshav Establishment … Read more

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