Recommendations of the National Planning Commission to make cyber security systematic and effective

Recommendations of the National Planning Commission to make cyber security systematic and effective

Kathmandu. In recent times, cyber security has become an important part and managing it is said to reduce the negative effects created by it. The meeting of the fourth quarter and annual progress review and development problem resolution committee of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for the financial year 2078/079 concluded on Sunday. … Read more

200 crore budget to set up cyber security center, but government could not choose advisor

Kathmandu. Though a budget of Rs 20 crore has been allocated for the establishment of Cyber ​​Security Center in the current financial year, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has failed to spend this amount. Government has announced to set up a Cyber ​​Security Center to identify cyber security risks, mitigate the impact and … Read more

Millions of iPhones are becoming dangerous like this

Kathmandu. Older iPhone models are becoming more and more vulnerable. Apple has unveiled a new model of the smartphone and will not be rolling out new security updates to older phones. At first glance, this is normal, it may always seem so. Actually, this can be a big security challenge for the users. Apple releases … Read more

Huawei will sponsor cyber security program

Kathmandu. Cyber ​​security related programs will be organized by the Center for Cyber ​​Security Research and Innovation (CSRI). Huawei’s main sponsor is to organize such an event. On Thursday, CSRI President P.D. The main sponsor of the event was confirmed during a meeting between Suvarna Shakya and Patrick Lo Bang Chi, a global public services … Read more

Draft Cyber ​​Security Bill: Can’t work in cyber security without a license?

Kathmandu. The draft bill on cyber security has been made public. The Nepal Telecommunication Authority (TAN) on Monday made the draft public through a discussion and negotiation program on the bill. Experts and stakeholders have responded that the draft Bill has failed to maintain cyber security and legal norms. While the bill only focuses on … Read more

Experts say that for cyber security, a separate system and budget is needed like the army and police.

Kathmandu. The government is making the budget of the upcoming financial year 2079/080 public on 30 May. With the increasing use of information and communication technology, the cyber security sector has also set certain expectations in the budget. As the country moves towards expansion and digitization of information and communication technology, the government is gradually … Read more

One Day Live Hackathon for Women

Kathmandu. On the occasion of International Women’s Information and Communication Technology Day 2022, ‘Women in Information Technology’ has organized a one-day live hackathon for women. The live hackathon which started today at 8:30 am will continue till 5 pm. The Capture the Flag (CTF) contest will last for four hours. The Capture the Flag contest … Read more

Government Building Cyber ​​Security Centre, Selected Consulting Company

Kathmandu. The government has appointed a consultant for the operation and management of the National Cyber ​​Security Monitoring and Operations Centre. A consultancy company has been appointed for the system operation and management of this center under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. Earlier, the ministry had sought letters of intent for appointment of … Read more

Is your mobile phone infected? find out how

As people’s online activity increases, so does the risk of hacking. At this time it is unknown what spyware or malware will be installed on the user’s device. The important thing to know here is that spyware is also a type of malware. Which leaks important information of the user’s device to the hackers. This … Read more

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