Sharing news on social media boosts people’s confidence – study

Sharing news on social media boosts people's confidence - study

Kathmandu. One study concluded that people become more confident when they share news and articles on social media. According to a psychological study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, US, it has been found that sharing news online boosts people’s confidence. According to The Journal of Consumer Psychology, people who share news on … Read more

MP Mahesh Basnet furious on social media for trying to force Balen

mahesh basnet facebook hate speech

Kathmandu. Social media has become ‘balenmay’ at this time. For the last two days, the work of demolition of illegal structures is going on under the leadership of Mayor of Kathmandu city Balendra Shah (Balen). There is a dozer operating in the building, especially when building a building, where homeowners who get a 90% discount … Read more

Who’s doing random posts on celebrities’ Facebook pages?

Facebook's ban on developers makes it a tool to always unfollow

Kathmandu. Facebook’s News Feed has been facing problems since Wednesday morning. Posts made by other people’s accounts are visible on the Facebook pages of various international celebrities. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Nirvana, The Beatles and many more have been posted on their Facebook pages by their fans and others. Taking advantage of this … Read more

Facebook ready to pay 5 billion fine for tracking users’ public

Meta revenues drop as ads drop on Facebook and Instagram

Kathmandu. The company has agreed to pay a lawsuit filed against Meta, Facebook’s parent company, for tracking users’ activities without their permission. In the case filed in federal court in San Francisco, both sides have agreed to pay $37.5 million, or more than four billion 77 million rupees. Earlier, Facebook filed a lawsuit alleging that … Read more

With the popularity of TikTok and Birial, Facebook leaves the list of ‘Top 10’ apps


Kathmandu. Facebook is struggling to stay in the top 10 apps in the US App Store this year. This has been revealed by statistical analysis of the iPhone App Store. Tech giant Meta’s popular Facebook app has fallen from the top of the charts as a younger generation of customers move to newer social media … Read more

Facebook and Instagram keep an eye on your personal details, is it being misused?

EU backlash on Facebook and Instagram

Kathmandu. It has been revealed that social media platforms Facebook and Instagram track their users. It’s not unusual for you to click through to the website you see on Facebook and Instagram and be redirected to the browser of your choice. The browser you are redirecting to or the website you want to visit is … Read more

Talking privately on Facebook is now easier

messenger new logo

Kathmandu. Social network Facebook is providing end-to-end encryption service to users through the ‘Secret Conversations’ feature to communicate secretly. For this, the user has to create a separate secret conversation chat box with the person he wants to talk to. But the company is now going to make private conversations easier on Facebook. The company … Read more

The younger generation using Facebook is on the decline


Kathmandu. ‘Generation Z’, the latest generation to have access to the Internet at a young age, continues to grow. However, studies have shown that the number of people using Facebook is declining in this generation. According to a recently released study report by the Pew Research Center, only 32 percent of teens between the ages … Read more

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