Biden administration aims to have enough vaccine for most Americans by summertime

Biden administration aims to have enough vaccine for most Americans by summertime

WASHINGTON: The United States aims to acquire an additional 200 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, President Joe Biden said on Tuesday, enough to inoculate most Americans by summertime, as he races to curb a pandemic he warned could still get worse. Biden’s administration will purchase 100 million doses each of the vaccines made by Pfizer … Read more

Navalny’s team calls new protests in Russia for his release

MOSCOW: Allies of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, who faces years in prison, called for new protests next weekend to demand his release, following a wave of demonstrations that turned out tens of thousands across the country in a defiant challenge to President Vladimir Putin. Mass rallies took place Saturday in over 100 cities … Read more

Agitating Indian farmers enter capital in a massive tractor rally on Republic Day

KATHMANDU: Thousands of Indian farmers protesting against the controversial agricultural reforms entered the Indian capital to participate in the massive rally, coinciding with Republic Day of the biggest democracy in the world, on Tuesday. A clash ensued with between the protesting farmers and police as the latter fired tear gas shells to restrain the convoy … Read more

Authorities attribute California’s new COVID-19 variant to spike in freshly reported cases

KATHMANDU: Californian authorities have provided more information on the state’s organic COVID-19 variant, while also attributing the mutated pathogen to the exponential rise in the number of freshly reported cases of the infection, on Monday. According to the New York Post, two groups of researchers stumbled upon the Californian COVID-19 variant–B1429 strain–while researching into the … Read more

Efficacy of AstraZeneca on elderly said low by media; company rejects

KATHMANDU: After German media outlets Bild and Handelsblatt, in separate reports, said that AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine is not very effective for people over 65, the company has firmly rejected the reports. The Bild shared that the federal government expects that the vaccine from the Swedish-British manufacturer AstraZeneca will only receive approval from the EU drug … Read more

Indian farm protesters battle police to plant flags at historic Red Fort

NEW DELHI, Jan 26 (Reuters) – Thousands of Indian farmers protesting against agricultural reforms breached barricades on Tuesday to enter the historic Red Fort complex in the capital and hoist flags after clashing with police, who fired tear gas to scatter them. Growers, angered by laws they say help large, private buyers at the expense of … Read more

COVID-19 takes a toll on Canada’s public health agency

KATHMANDU: In an internally published critical report, Canada’s Public Health Agency has shared a “lessons learned” analysis which suggests that the agency lacks staffers, expertise and resources necessary to abate the looming COVID-19 pandemic. The Public Health Agency of Canada based in Ottawa was formed to warn about potential health threats like that of COVID-19 … Read more

My Pillow chief Lindell’s Twitter account suspended for misinformation

KATHMANDU: Microblogging site Twitter has permanently suspended the account of Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, for violations of Twitter’s policy on election misinformation. Twitter Inc informed of its decision to remove Lindell’s account on Tuesday. Lindel used his and My Pillow’s account to spread unfound misinformation on voter fraud in the presidential election. … Read more

Estonia to get first female PM as government deal clinched

TALLINN: Estonia’s two biggest political parties clinched a deal on Sunday to form a new government to be led by a female prime minister for the first time in the Baltic country’s history, replacing the previous Cabinet that collapsed into a corruption scandal earlier this month. The party councils of the the opposition, center-right Reform … Read more

Indian Army calls Sikkim face-off reports exaggerated, China urges India to exercise restraint

KATHMANDU: The Indian Army has rubbished media reports on the face-off between Indian Army and People’s Liberation Army troops in Sikkim claiming around two dozen injuries on both sides. Read More: ‘India and China clash; many reported injured on both sides’ “We have received several queries regarding a face-off between Indian Army and PLA troops … Read more

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