Are the iPhone 13 and 14 Really the Same?


Kathmandu. The iPhone 14 series released by Apple last week is now in discussion. People have started comparing various features of the new series. Some users are publishing reviews of new series. Today we are discussing here about the difference between the two major iPhone models. Thus, the company always gives more priority to the … Read more

Why is it always shown that 9:41 is ringing in the promotion of the iPhone?

iPhone display time 9:41am ,

Kathmandu. If you look at the advertising material of Apple, you can see that the time is 9:41 am. Apple has spent 9 hours 41 minutes advertising on the screen of each of its products. If you go to Apple’s official website, you can see that 9 hours 41 minutes have passed in the snapshots … Read more

48MP Camera on iPhone, Samsung Says – We’ve Already Offered a 108 MP Camera

48MP Camera on iPhone, Samsung Says - We've Already Offered a 108 MP Camera

Kathmandu. Recently, Apple has released 14 series. As soon as it was made public, some features of the phone started getting criticized in the market. Most of the features in iPhone 14 are already available in Android phones. Meanwhile, iPhone’s well-known rival Samsung is also not lagging behind in sarcasm on the iPhone. Soon after … Read more

With the release of the iPhone 14 series, the sale of these models of iPhone has stopped.

With the release of the iPhone 14 series, the sale of these models of iPhone has stopped.

Kathmandu. Apple released the iPhone 14 series last Wednesday. These phones include advanced camera, satellite connectivity, always-on screen and many other features. These phones can be pre-ordered in the international market from today. The iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will be available from September 16, and the iPhone 14 Plus … Read more

Are you thinking of buying an iPhone 14 when you are an iPhone 13? keep these things in mind

iPhone 14 will be released within a month!

Kathmandu. The Apple event is being organized tomorrow i.e. on Wednesday. As per Nepali time, various Apple products are expected to be announced at the event, which will start at 10:45 pm. Among them, the iPhone 14 series is the main attraction. When a new iPhone arrives, you’ll naturally want to use it. If you … Read more

50 percent of Android users want to use an iPhone, citing security and privacy

Half of Android users might switch to iPhone for better privacy and security, survey says

Kathmandu. As the demand for smartphones is increasing, now only the iPhone and Android phones are among the popular smartphones in the market. Both these phones are giving competition to each other in the market. Both these phones have been using and changing their services over time keeping in mind the convenience and needs of … Read more

Like Android, iPhone will have more ads!

Apple is rolling out a feature that doesn't allow anyone else next to you to touch the iPhone's screen

Kathmandu. Apple is preparing to introduce advertising on the iPhone. According to a Bloomberg news, companies show ads in pre-installed apps like Maps, Books, Podcasts etc. For this, it has been told in the news that Apple is testing the ads for the Maps app. It is said that when the user searches for restaurants, … Read more

The new iPhone could be even more expensive

iPhone 14 will be released within a month!

Kathmandu. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may make the iPhone 14 more expensive than the iPhone 13. Kuo estimates that the overall average selling price (ASP) of the iPhone 14 lineup will increase by 15 percent compared to the iPhone 13. For example, the standard iPhone 13 starts at $799, while the Pro … Read more

Millions of iPhones are becoming dangerous like this

Millions of iPhones are about to become ‘dangerous’ – you need to act immediately

Kathmandu. Older iPhone models are becoming more and more vulnerable. Apple has unveiled a new model of the smartphone and will not be rolling out new security updates to older phones. At first glance, this is normal, it may always seem so. Actually, this can be a big security challenge for the users. Apple releases … Read more

In this way do secret chat from iPhone

In this way do secret chat from iPhone

Kathmandu. You may also be afraid that your secret chats on a chat platform may not be seen by others. In general, it is possible to easily access Messages, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and other platforms. For iPhone users, Apple has made it possible to send secret messages in real time to the ‘Notes’ app … Read more

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