A new feature in TikTok, you can notify your friends via video of what you’re up to

A new feature in TikTok, you can notify your friends via video of what you're up to

Kathmandu. A new feature has come in Tiktok. The company issued a press release and informed about adding new features. Under this, Tiktok users can invite their friends and show what they are doing at that time. Using this feature, users can record 10 seconds of daily video or take a photo of anything around … Read more

Instagram stole another feature from TikTok


Kathmandu. In recent times, as users have become more attracted towards short videos, photo sharing platform Instagram has also released a short video platform called Reels on its platform. Not only this, Instagram is also providing some features like Tiktok. Instagram is again going to give another feature similar to Tiktok. If you are a … Read more

Patao driver’s bike stolen on the pretext of making Tiktok, three arrested

American Airlines will let you watch 30 minutes of TikTok in the air for free

Kathmandu. A group of motorcycle thieves of Pathao driver have been arrested on the pretext of making Tiktok. Those arrested include 18-year-old Nissan Sapkota of Sindhupalchowk, 32-year-old garage owner Ramchandra Rawal and 32-year-old Puskar Kafale. The group was found last July by a special team deployed by the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office in the … Read more

Madhesi youth in the campaign to stop Tiktok

Complaint against Tiktak alleging misuse of user data

Kathmandu. Due to social media Tiktok, the youth of Madhesh province have started a campaign to stop Tiktok. The youth have sent a memorandum to the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers office through the district administration office of the state, demanding complete closure of Tiktok. The campaign to hand over the memorandum started … Read more

Kathmandu Mayor Balen said on social media – which is real and which is fake?

Balen Shah on social media

Kathmandu. Social media played a decisive role for Balan Shah, established in the field of rap music, to be elected as the mayor of Kathmandu. After being elected mayor, his activities have made his discussion on social media more widespread. With the popularity of Balan, many of his accounts have started appearing on social media. … Read more

A video going viral on Tik Tok took the role of ‘Sai Saab’

A video going viral on Tik Tok took the role of 'Sai Saab'

Kathmandu. After a video of a Police Sub-Inspector (SAI) dancing went viral on social media, he lost his job. Sai Rajkishore Sah, who was on duty with a bardi, arrived on stage to dance in a fair organized at Gadhimai-6 Dharampur, Rauthat. Looks like some girls are already dancing there. After climbing the stage, Sah … Read more

TikTok unwatchable due to random video, let’s close it now: KP Olick

KP Oli Tiktok

Kathmandu. CPN-UML President KP Sharma Oli has suggested not to use TikTok as it is spreading distortions. Speaking at an event organized by the All Nepal Women’s Association, which is close to the UMA, Oli, who is also a former prime minister, said that due to the sudden arrival of indigestible content on TikTok, there … Read more

Ex-husband killed ex-wife by making Tiktok video of divorce

Sania Khan: She TikToked her divorce, then her husband killed her

Kathmandu. It is better to solve some domestic problems at home. Disclosing personal and family matters on social media can lead to unimaginable incidents. A similar tragedy happened last time as well. Sania Khan’s bag was packed. She was ready to be free. That day was 21st July 2022. Sania, 29, was on her way … Read more

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