Children victims of online abuse, do not know how to avoid it

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24 January, Katmadon. Statistics show that 75 per cent of children do not know how to protect themselves from online sexual abuse.

According to a survey conducted by Voice of Children and EP Luxembourg with 452 children aged 5 to 12 in the Kathmandu Valley, 75 percent do not know how to protect themselves from online sexual abuse, Voice of Children director Where is Krishna Kumar Thapa

In a program on the role of the media sector in preventing online child abuse organized by Voice of Children using social media such as Facebook, Messenger, TikTok, YouTube, Viber, Twitter, WhatsApp, Imo, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit etc. Activities affecting the physical, mental, educational, moral, social development and status of children were informed about online child abuse.

Recently Thapa pointed out that most of the victims of sexual abuse and exploitation have happened through the online medium.

He informed that according to the statistics of the Central Cyber ​​Bureau of Nepal Police, 208 children (56 boys and 152 girls) have been accused of cyber crimes in the financial year 2077-78.

According to Voice of Children, most children between the ages of 10 and 18 have been abused by sending sexual messages, videos and photos via phone or text messages, using nude photos and videos to threaten and deceive, and by luring going.

Experts say that such incidents cause problems like shyness, fatigue, sleeplessness and abdominal pain in children.

‘Child abusers do these things for fun and for pain. And even those who take abuses are unable to tell anything to anyone out of fear.

Voice of Children is an NGO established in 2057.

It is conducting rescue, rehabilitation, family and social reunification to protect children living on the streets, sexual abuse and exploitation and children working in domestic labour, and to increase the capacity of families at risk to protect their children. increasing.

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