COAS National Lawn Tennis November Last Week

COAS National Lawn Tennis November Last Week

6 Manseer, Kathmandu. The first COAS National Lawn Tennis Tournament is scheduled to be organized by Nepal Army Military Physical Training and Sports Center from 12th December.

In a press conference held at the Army Headquarters in Bhadrakali on Monday, Brigadier General Munal Basnet informed that the Games will be played in a total of 12 events, including 4 in the open side, 7 in the Veteran side and 1 in the Intergovernmental side. There are cash prizes in 12 competitions. He said the total cash prize is Rs 729,000.

The Open will be played in Men’s/Women’s Singles and Doubles. The total prize money for this category is Rs 370,000. The winner of men’s/women’s singles will get Rs 50,000, runner-up Rs 25,000 and the third place winner will get Rs 15,000. The top three finishers in men’s/women’s doubles will win cash prizes of Rs.40,000, Rs.20,000 and Rs.10,000 respectively.

Veterans will compete in singles/doubles over 35, over 45 and over 55. In 65 years only singles competitions have been held. The total prize money of the veteran is Rs 307,000. Similarly, the total cash prize of the Inter-Government event in men’s doubles is Rs 52,000.

General Basnet stated that at least eight teams must participate in any given competition, and any less than that could result in the prize money being reduced or the competition itself postponed. There is a provision that a player can participate in a maximum of two competitions only if the player is to represent the club.

The games of the tournament, which will run till December 19, will be played in the courts of the Army Officers Club in Bhadrakali and the National Sports Council in Tripura. The tournament will be organized with the technical assistance of Tennis Association. Tennis coach Krishna Raj Ghale has been given the responsibility of technical director.

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