Congress Ward Session: Consensus in 41 out of 45 wards of Mayagadi

Congress Ward Session: Consensus in 41 out of 45 wards of Mayagadi


August 19, Mayagadi. Leadership elections have been held in 43 wards of Mayagadi, of which 45 are below the ward conference of the Nepali Congress.

Out of those, management has been elected unanimously in 41 wards and two wards. Nepali Congress spokesperson Mayagadi Ajay Milan Shrestha mentioned that Yam Bahadur Bania in Beni Municipality-5 Pulachor and Krishna Prasad Baruwal in Annapurna Village Municipality-6 home have been elected because the Ward President by way of the voting course of.

He mentioned, “The conference of Annapurna Gaonpalika-1 Doba and 8 Ramche has been stopped. All the details of 40 wards have come.” We have taken the initiative within the Central Committee to resume the membership of Doba and Ramche by 8 September.

Kissingh Chantyal in Gurja, Gyan Bahadur Paiza in Lulang, Jang Bahadur Bhandari in Muna, Yogendra Gharti in Mudi, Amar Chantyal in Malkwang, Yogendra Gurung in Marang and Tham Bahadur Pun in Takam have been elected as Ward Unit Presidents of Dhavalagiri.

According to the Make Pun of the Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly Constituency (b) Myagadi, the working committees have been chosen unanimously within the 5 wards of Mangala. Ram Bahadur Khatri in Kuhu, Shri Bhadra Sharma in Babiachaur, Tek Bahadur Chantyal in Baranja-3, Lal Bahadur Roka in 4 and Tulsiram Kandel in Armaan have been elected because the President.

Bhaba Bahadur Pun in Niscott of Malika, Chandra Bahadur Pun in Rum, Hariprakash Pun in Dandgaon, Tam Bahadur Pun in Okharbot, Bhak Bahadur Gharti in Devisthan, Gopal Gautam in Darbang and Tukman Garbuza in Beam have been elected ward presidents.

Surya Garbuja in Beg in Raghuganga, Rajkumar Bhandari in Bhagwati, Ashok Kumar Shahi in Pipal, Krishna Garbuza in Daganam and Pradeep Paija in Chimkhola have been elected ward presidents.

Spokesperson Shrestha mentioned the main points weren’t obtainable because of energy and communication providers being suspended in Jhin, Pakhapani and Kuinmangale.

Rekhiram Purja in Bhurung-Tatopani in Annapurna, Surat KC in Dana, Sampraday Purja in Narchang, Arjun Chochangi in Sikh, Krishna Prasad Baruwal in Ghar and Khum Bahadur Purja in Histan have been elected ward presidents.

Komal Thapa in Ratnechaur of Beni Municipality, Yam Bahadur Karki in Jamrukkot, Jas Bahadur Pun in Bhakimli, Suman Bania in Singa, Jeevan Poudel in Arthunge, Ramesh Kumar Shrestha in Beni-7, Him Bahadur Bhandari in 8, Suvarna Khatri in Ghatan and Bahadur Shahi has been elected President in Shiv Patlekhet.

Nepali Congress Myagdi President Khambir Garbuja mentioned that the management on the ward degree was chosen by way of unanimous dialogue and consensus to strengthen inner unity.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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