Corona havoc in the biggest iPhone factory, China called ex-serviceman to work

2 November, Kathmandu. To avoid the outbreak of Corona epidemic, China is currently implementing strict lockdown in different areas of the country. Due to this the economic activities of the country are getting badly affected. In such a situation, the production of iPhone has also been affected.

The world’s largest iPhone factory is in Zhengzhou, China. 70 percent of the iPhones that reach the world market end up in the factory here. But due to the Corona lockdown, the factory work of Foxconn company has been badly affected. Because of this, the Chinese government has taken an important step.

China has called ex-servicemen to work in the iPhone factory. To increase production in the iPhone factory, the Veteran Affairs Bureau of the People’s Liberation Army of China has invited retired ex-servicemen to help by working in the factory.

According to a BBC report, the bureau has posted an open letter on the messaging app WeChat. It is written in the letter that ex-servicemen have always been in command of the Communist Party and now the country needs ex-servicemen once again.

Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that manufactures iPhones under contract for Apple, has various factories located in China. The iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, which has a population of one million, has more than 20,000 workers, producing more than 50,000 iPhones daily. This number is 70 percent of all iPhones made in the world.

Earlier this year in China, some factories of Foxconn were closed due to the new wave of Corona. Work has not started in those factories yet.

The Zhengzhou factory was kept in the Covid bubble since the beginning of this year to increase production. Under which any employee of the company is sent to the quarantine inside the factory if it is corona. But even after that provision, the outbreak of Corona has not stopped. In October, the place was put under lockdown after corona infection was found in some prison personnel.

Why is it not known that how many employees of the said jail are now infected with Corona? In a recently released video, some employees of the iPhone factory were also seen running and running by jumping over the wall of the factory. Some laborers were walking on the road. Due to this the functioning of the factory has been affected and at present only two-thirds of the production is being done in the factory.

According to China’s state media Global Times, the factory currently needs 10,000 additional workers. Foxconn has requested the local government to send at least one person from each village to work in its factory.

It should be remembered that the Foxconn factory is also the largest employer in Zhengzhou. By September 2022, the company had exported products from Zhengzhou worth more than 2.61 billion yuan. with the help of agency

Himal Sanchar