Crowd of devotees gathered at the Shaktipeeth of Gulmi

Crowd of devotees gathered at the Shaktipeeth of Gulmi

September 28, Gulmi. Mahanavami is celebrated on Thursday, the ninth day of Dashain, in various temples and Shakti Peethas of Gulmi. Today on the occasion of Mahanavami, various temples of Gulmi are worshiped and various sheep are sacrificed.

Due to very less number of corona, devotees have gathered at various Shaktipeeths this year. Gulmi has a large presence of devotees in religious and historical temples like Musikot, Ismakot, Dhurkot, Arjai, Charpala Darwar, Ujangkot, Jogithum Temple, Choyga, Shantipur, Arjun Bhagwati Temple, Tamghas Temple and other temples. These temples are believed to be the residence of ancient kings in ancient times.

On the occasion of Mahanavami, various animals and fruits including Panchavali Ranga, Path, Pareva, Kubinno, Duck, Chicken are also offered in the temples. Yagyas are performed with the belief that by sacrificing the gods, the desires of the mind will be fulfilled.

Some co-operatives have also been offering kubino, kakra and radish. It is believed that the gods will be pleased with the sacrifice and whatever happens in their mind will definitely be fulfilled.

This year the inn will not be able to show dance

There will be a ban on Sarai dance in Gulmi on the occasion of Dashain this year. Sarai dance is performed in the district from the day of Dashain Tika till the full moon.
Chief District Officer Punya Bikram Poudel said that in the meeting of the District Covid-19 Management Committee, this year the Sarai dance on the occasion of Dashain has been banned. There is a tradition of sharing happiness with each other in the surrounding areas including Gulmi district.

Sarai dance is mainly performed in Arjai, Ammarpur, Ismaidan, Dhurkot, Ujangkot, Jogithum, Taltung, Dhgithum, Choyga, Chandrakot and other places in Gulmi district. The khukuri and khunda nachai offered at the temple, including the Pancha Baja, are joined together and the Sarai dance is played.

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