‘Dandko Vaar People’ premiere, how is the film?

'Dandko Vaar People' premiere, how is the film?

With the reopening of theaters that were closed for five and a half months, the process of film release has also started. Viewers will be able to watch Nepali film ‘Dandko Var Peepal’ from Tuesday after a long break. The film, which also got good shows in multiplexes, premiered today at One Cinemas in Kathmandu.

Actress Rekha Thapa, Swastima Khadka, director Deepshree Niraula and others were present at the premiere of the film. Similarly, the main actors of the film Shiv Shrestha, Gauri Malla, Salon Basnet, Ruveena Thapa were also present in the hall. After watching the film, most of the filmmakers and media persons said that its story speaks of the recent social situation.

Shobhit Basnet’s film is different from the previous films. Although Bhuvan KC also played a lead role in the film, he did not attend the event.

Producer Poonam Gautam urges everyone to watch the family film after a long time. Actress Gauri Malla says the film tells the story of the growing gulf between two generations in the society and she is happy to work in it. The protagonist Shiv Shrestha thanked director Basnet for steering the film into a good story.

Nayak Salon Basnet said that he worked hard in the film and now the responsibility rests with the audience. Actress Ruvina Thapa said she cried several times while watching the film and argued that the audience was affected by it.
Produced by Navraj Giri for Budhasubba Originals, the film is believed to help revive the long-shuttered film industry.

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