Decision to manage unorganized roadside wires

Decision to manage unorganized roadside wires

January 14, Kathmandu. The District Administration Office is active for the management of unorganized wires in the main urban areas of Kathmandu district. On Wednesday, a meeting of stakeholders chaired by Chief District Officer Kali Prasad Parajuli decided to start the wire management work immediately.

Local administration has shown activeness in the management of the road, saying that unorganized wires on the roads in the district have spoiled the urban beauty and often lead to accidents.

The meeting also decided to form a committee consisting of stakeholders under the coordination of Assistant Principal Janak Raj Bhat to prepare a long term plan for wire management. The responsibility of the member secretary of the committee has been given to Bishnu Raj Belavase, Chief Administrative Officer of JIPRA, Kathmandu.

The committee has decided to immediately start the work of managing the sample wire from New Road Gate to Judha Salik. According to the district administration office, all stakeholders have agreed to support the work on their behalf.

Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, Metropolitan Traffic Police, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal Telecom Authority, Nepal Electricity Authority, Nepal Telecom Company Limited, Nepal Cable TV Federation, Nepal Internet Service Bodies which included supplier associations.

Source: OnlineKhabar