Demand to ban Tiktok for spreading obscenity in Nepal

Kathmandu. There is a demand to ban the social network Tiktok in Nepal. Youth groups of some districts of Terai have demanded a ban on Tiktok, calling it a negative impact on the society.

Some youths have submitted a memorandum to the district administration and police office by forming ‘Tiktak Bandh Sangharsh Samiti’. Today (Sunday) also some youths of Rauthat have submitted a memorandum to the government agency through this struggle committee.

Mani Bhushan Shah, Information Officer, District Administration Office, Rauthat, said that the youth along with SA Committee’s Rauthat coordinator Sachin Patel submitted a memorandum to the District Police Office, Rauthat and the District Administration Office, Rauthat.

He told Tekpana, ‘Some friends had brought a memorandum that obscenity has spread on Tiktok, it should be banned.

There is a demand of the Sangharsh Committee that Tiktok should be stopped by forming groups in different districts of the Terai. At present, it is said that along with Raitahat, coordinators from Mahetari, Siraha, Saptari, Bara, Sarlahi and Parsa have been selected and submitted a memorandum.

Pankaj Sharma, the convener of Tiktok Band Sangharsh Samiti, Siraha, is of the opinion that Tiktok should be banned because it has spread obscenity in the society.

He said, “The ticket makers are spreading obscenity, because of them there is a negative impact on the society.”

A memorandum was submitted to the District Administration Office Mahottari on Friday through the Sangharsh Samiti.

“Social media has both positive and negative aspects. They had come out with a memorandum to downplay the negative aspects. Our attention has been drawn,” said Upendra Nupane, information officer of district administration office Mahottari.

The members of Tiktok Band Sangharsh Samiti have held rallies at many places demanding the closure of Tiktok.

In addition, they have also launched a campaign to report the accounts of users that have pornographic content on the social network Facebook.

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  1. Ya tik tok must be band. It is a serious problem regarding to the youth weakness. ❤❤

  2. Tik tok must be avoid in Nepal it’s extremely bad impact in our country society so it’s misusing now days so plz needs to close asap


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