Dheeraj asked for 40 lakhs!

Kathmandu. Dheeraj himself has admitted that Dheeraj Magar had asked for a salary of Rs 40 lakh to act in Jharna Thapa’s new film Bhagwat Geeta. Producer Sunil Kumar Thapa has also confirmed that he has been asked for that amount.

Suhana Thapa will be the heroine of the film. This is his next home production film after ‘Ae Mero Hazar 4’. Recently, Suhana also praised Dheeraj in an interview and said that he is a good actor. But when Magar demanded Rs 40 lakh salary for working in his own home film, Suhana got angry.

The media had questioned Suhana in this regard at a meeting organized by her to watch the film ‘Aina Dhyanko Putli’ for underprivileged children. In response, Suhana gave a short reply by calling Dheeraj ‘he is a good artist’.

In such a situation, it can be understood that when the answer to one question comes, Suhana gets unhappy with the patience of Dheeraj. Understandably, Suhana’s reply and her body language upset her.

Producer Thapa is saying that he will make the film with a new hero, while Dheeraj has said that he was approached for the film but didn’t get the script. After Dashain, Bhagwat Geeta is ready for the shooting of the film.

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Himal Sanchar