Digital Detox: Mobiles and TVs are turned off at sunset in villages

October 10, Kathmandu. The present age is the digital age. Nowadays most of the people have mobile phone and internet. Digital technology has brought big changes in the lives of people.

In fact, it has become possible to conduct your business at home. People are spending more time on gadgets like mobile phones and TVs. But in this digital world there is a village where people switch off their mobile and TV after sunset.

In the said village, in the evening, the siren sounds in the temple. With the sound of the siren, all the people of the village switch off their mobiles, TVs and all other gadgets. After the siren sounds, school children step away from their gadgets and grab a copy of a book or chat with their parents. This process continues until the second siren is sounded.

It is probably the only village in the world that switches off mobile phones and TVs after dusk. The name of the village is Mohityanche Wad Village in Sangli, Maharashtra, India. The people of that village do not use mobile, TV and other gadgets for one and a half hours in the evening.

That rule is followed seven days a week in a village with a population of about 3,100. A ward wise committee has been formed to monitor this.

The village sarpanch Vijay Mohit has proposed to switch off mobile and TV. People are supporting this special campaign. The siren is sounded every day at 7 pm from the local temple.

Then people switch off their mobile phones, television sets and other gadgets and start reading books. Children are also engaged in their studies and in that process, parents also help the children in their studies. Family members sit together and talk.

An hour and a half later, at 8:30 pm, the second alarm siren sounds. Only then do people turn on their home TVs and mobile phones.

According to Sarpanch Mohit, during the online class during the lockdown of the corona virus epidemic, the mobile phone came in the hands of the children. When children are in online classes, parents also tend to watch TV late. But when the school started opening, the teachers felt that the students coming to the school were lazy. After that digital detox campaign was started in the village. with the help of agency

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar