Dr. Shekhar says: Chances of consensus on the President are slim

11 January Biratnagar. Nepali Congress leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala has said that there is little chance of unanimity in the presidential election.

Speaking to reporters at the Biratnagar airport, he said, “I see little chance of agreement on the presidential election.” Parties too. The names of Ramchandra Paudel and Krishna Sitaula have been discussed from the Congress.

He said that Dr. He said that there is no possibility of accepting Baburam Bhattarai and told that he will try to make the candidate of Nepali Congress acceptable.

we are pregnant in waiting

Nepali Congress leader Koirala said that since the Congress is an opposition party, it can form and topple the government anytime.

Describing the opposition party as a government-in-waiting, he said, ‘We are in the opposition, we play the role of the opposition and the opposition is a government-in-waiting, we should have the ability to topple the government. anytime.’

He again said, “Congress is in opposition, we are pregnancy in waiting.”

Source: OnlineKhabar

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