Employment with politics: Mangak’s income from poultry farming

Employment with politics: Mangak's income from poultry farming

September 28, Banepa. Mukti Bista, a resident of Ward No. 10 Bistagaon of Banepa Municipality, Kavrepalanchok, is earning a good income by rearing Kadaknath (Black Chicken) commercially.

Today, he spends his days managing, nurturing and selecting eggs in a chicken coop in a tent near his home.

200 eggs are being produced daily in Bista’s farm. It will produce about one thousand chickens in a week and it is being sold at the rate of Rs 200 per chick. “The demand for this breed of chicken has increased a lot as it is high in protein, non-greasy and boosts the body’s immune system,” he said. Now, I am planning to expand Kadaknath in the entire district,’ he said.

Earlier, chickens were sold in the market, chickens for meat were sold for Rs 3,000 to Rs 3,500 and male chickens from the farm for Rs 2,000 to Rs 2,500, he said. Entrepreneur Bista says that Kadaknath is being sold commercially through social media with personal connections.

He said that he has started business for the first time in the district by registering Amar Bhumandi Multipurpose Agriculture Farm.

The farm now houses 600 Malaysian Kadaknath breed black chickens as well as broiler chickens, goats and cows. Presently there are 500 chickens in the farm. Entrepreneur Bista told that he started raising chickens from Chitwan eight months ago and is now preparing to sell them by laying eggs.

He is also a member of CPN-UML Kavrepalanchok District Secretariat. “If the party says that if one is not involved in production, it has no political future, then not only itself but all leaders and workers will have to engage in some business. Growing up,” he said. said.

Bista, appointed to look after himself, has also given employment to two people on the farm. He is running Trimurti Developers by engaging in agribusiness as well as real estate business.

At the same time, Bista has been raising 200 Giriraj chickens, 50-60 local chickens, four cows and ten goats. He said that he is working on a plan to build a word park to run the poultry business and also to develop it as a tourism resort by operating a resort.

Entrepreneur Bista argues that any political person should be involved in any business because without being a good person in social service there is no point in going among the people. He said that after becoming a leader, people will not be kind to a person who has no profession or business. Bista, who became famous across the country by distributing gurus to develop immunity during the corona epidemic, has recently joined the Kadaknath poultry business.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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