Ex-husband killed ex-wife by making Tiktok video of divorce

Kathmandu. It is better to solve some domestic problems at home. Disclosing personal and family matters on social media can lead to unimaginable incidents. A similar tragedy happened last time as well.

Sania Khan’s bag was packed. She was ready to be free. That day was 21st July 2022. Sania, 29, was on her way from Chicago, USA.

After her marriage deteriorated further, she left Chicago and moved to Chattanooga to start a new life. However, she returned home in a coffin without visiting Chattanooga.

Three days later, Khan’s body was found in his Chicago apartment. Khan lived in the apartment with her 36-year-old ex-husband Raheel Ahmed. Khan, who was pronounced dead by police officials, was shot in the back of the head.

On learning that the police were coming, Ahmed shot himself with a gun. According to the police report, both of them were getting divorced.

After separating from Khan, her husband Ahmed was living in another state. According to the police report, Ahmed had gone to his old apartment about 700 miles back to save his marriage.

The tragic story of murder and suicide became the last event in Khan’s life. Sania Khan was a photographer who was born in Pakistan and moved to America. She used to raise voice for divorced women and broken marriages on the social media platform Tik Tok.

Due to which she was getting the identity of a brave woman. The news of his death shook his friends. His online followers were also surprised.

He first created a public platform on Instagram. In which he has also written a short article about his love for photography.

Khan used to take pictures of various wedding ceremonies, maternity shoots, baby showers etc. From which she was earning a good amount.

She was living her life happily. That’s when he met Ahmed. They got married in June 2021 after dating for five years. After marriage, they moved to Chicago and started living together.

Khan’s friend has claimed that Ahmed has been battling mental health problems for a long time. As a result, there were ups and downs in their relationship.

Even though they have disagreements, the real problem started last December. Khan told her friends that Ahmed had mental health issues and felt insecure.

Seeing that her marriage was not going well, her friend suggested Khan to get a divorce. She was not ready for a divorce initially because people would think badly of her.

However, she later filed for divorce with the support of her friends. After that she became free. She started living in her own way.

She started sharing her family and divorce stories on TikTok. Khan used to promote the situation she was facing through Tik-Tok.

Her husband did not like to bring such a personal incident to the fore after the divorce. This made Ahmed even more tense. Then he planned to kill Khan and killed him.

By the time Khan died, he had 20,000 followers on TikTok. Bisma Parvez of Pakistan living in America was one of them.

She says, “I remember the first time I saw his video, I prayed for him. He says wait for the woman who is in such a situation, all will be well. However, waiting for an exploitative relationship. Doing so is not the right answer.”

Khan had to accept death, bringing to the fore the personal events thus resolved. Some people don’t care about their privacy, dignity etc in the hope of getting cheap popularity and ostentatious followers on social media. Due to which they are forced to go through the difficult journey of life.


Himal Sanchar