Expressing support for the promotion of the film, Rawal and Gurung said – do not delay in putting barbed wire on the border

Kathmandu. Party leaders have expressed their support for the campaign for the film ‘Barbed Tar’, which states that barbed wire should be installed along the border with India. In the dialogue program held on Wednesday, he praised the role played by the film in the defense of national independence.

The film, directed by Naval Khadka, sought the support of leaders by organizing a program ‘Prelude to Better Relations with Nepal and its Neighbors’. UML leader Bhim Rawal, Dev Gurung of Maoist Centre, Ramhari Khatiwada of Congress and Jagannath Khatiwada of CPN (Unified Socialist) expressed their views on the issue of the film.

Rawal said that the border with India should be controlled and controlled. Rawal said that the installation of barbed wire on the border is an expression of the security of the country, even though it is considered to be just like iron wire.

Maoist leader Gurung said that he has contributed to the defense of national independence through films. Saying that the country now has a citizenship problem, Gurung also pointed to the danger of Nepal becoming Ukraine. He also said that barbed wire should be installed soon.

Can Nepal be protected and protected or not? There is a danger of Nepal becoming Ukraine. There is an immediate threat of military war. The war has escalated. We all must fight against outside interference. For this there is no option but to move forward with unity’ said Gurung.

Leader Khatiwada, leader of the United Socialist Party, insisted that Nepal should manage its borders. Film director and actor Khadka said he made a film to protect the country’s borders and has been campaigning for years.

He complained that the state did not support him even when he made a patriotic film. There was censoring of films like Dashgaza and Bhimdutt. Patriots are being attacked. We must protect the land for which our ancestors fought. He said that if we do not address these issues in time, then our fate will be like that of Palestine.

The release date of the film has not been decided yet.

श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

Himal Sanchar