Facebook ready to pay 5 billion fine for tracking users’ public

Kathmandu. The company has agreed to pay a lawsuit filed against Meta, Facebook’s parent company, for tracking users’ activities without their permission.

In the case filed in federal court in San Francisco, both sides have agreed to pay $37.5 million, or more than four billion 77 million rupees.

Earlier, Facebook filed a lawsuit alleging that it violated California law and Facebook’s own privacy policy by tracking users even though their location was locked.

Both the parties have agreed to settle the matter by paying the amount. But the court has not approved it.

The court was informed of the consent only last Monday. It is being said that the court will decide on the basis of the above information.

This is not the first time that Facebook has been accused of tracking a user’s location in this way.

Even before this, many cases have been registered regarding location tracking. That said, Facebook is also paying fines over and over again. However, the incidents of location tracking are not taking the name of stopping.

In that case, it is anticipated that the court may decide on the amount of the fine as well as other actions.

Himal Sanchar