Facebook wants teens to stop using Instagram for a while

Facebook wants teens to stop using Instagram for a while
Kathmandu. Instagram aims to help teens avoid harmful content and stay away from its platform for a while. Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, Nick Clay, announced on Sunday that he will be adding a new tool to Instagram.

Instagram has come under fire after an internal research report on the negative impact on young people’s mental health became public.

“We’re rolling out a new feature that allows teens to identify whether they’re watching the same content over and over again,” Facebook’s vice president said at a CNN event. We will encourage

He added that Instagram is also launching a new feature called ‘Take a Break’ and this feature will encourage teenagers not to use Instagram for a while. The clause did not specify when the feature would roll out.

However, various international media outlets quoted sources from Facebook and Instagram as saying that the testing of the feature is yet to begin. However, the company is preparing to implement this feature soon.

Facebook has come under fire for some time after the Wall Street Journal published various news stories based on internal documents made public by former Facebook employee Hughes. In an internal document released to the public, it is alleged that the company did not take into account the fact that Facebook was promoting hate speech and that Instagram was negatively impacting the mental health of adolescents.

Facebook wants teens to stop using Instagram for a while.

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