Factors for Tosima’s victory: Dissatisfaction within the Congress and disillusionment with the old parties

8 November, Lalitpur. Power, Water Resources and Irrigation Minister Pampha Bhusal lost by over 22,000 votes. Tosima Karki. Doctor. While Tosima was elected with 31 thousand 136 votes, the Maoist Center candidate Pampha Bhusal came third with a total of 8 thousand 769 votes.

Bhusal had defeated UML’s Raghuji Pant from this constituency in 2064. After 10 years, he defeated Madan Bahadur Amatya of Nepali Congress in the general election held in 2074. He is the only candidate of the Maoist party to be elected in the 2074 parliamentary elections in the valley.

This time, Pampha was supported by the CPN United Socialists, a party formed from the breakaway of the Congress and the UML. Dissatisfaction within the Congress is believed to be the main reason for his low vote share.

Lalitpur-3 has also been considered by the Congress as an area where it is strong. There was a lot of resentment within the Congress over giving tickets to the Maoists in its stronghold. In Lalitpur-3, the Congress had recommended the names of four people including Madan Bahadur Amatya and Jitjang Basnet. A leader of Lalitpur says that there is discontent in the Congress since Pampha got the ticket. He says, ‘There was discontent in our strong area after giving tickets to Maoists in the name of alliance. The vote of the disgruntled party went to Bell.

Narendra Maharajan, a voter of Lalitpur-3, says that he chose the new party this time because the candidates of the old party have repeatedly disappointed the people. What did you do because you won first? Giving them our vote will be wasted. Whatever happens, we have given it to the new and the youth. He stresses that no matter how the newly elected people act now or if they bow down like the old ones, next time they will be in the same position as the current party leaders.

Resident Krishna Kharel says that even though they have been trusting and voting for political parties over the years, people’s distaste for political parties has increased as they do not understand people’s problems. According to Kharel, the main reason why Pampha Bhusal, who is also the current minister, did not get votes was the neglect of the people by the political parties.

We have been winning political parties again and again. Do you understand people’s problems? They are ignoring us so much that we were forced to make a choice.

Before the election, Bhusal claimed that his main strength was his constant contact with the people of Lalitpur-3, but he says that he cast his vote by ringing the bell because voters came to ask for votes during the election itself. Tulsi Dangol of Lalitpur Thancho says that he supported Bhusal by participating in the first election, but after winning he said that he voted for the new party because he did not understand the problems of the people.

“We have gone before to ask for votes. We had sent them to win them over to solve our problems, but after they left, they did not come back to ask about our well being. They came this year to ask for votes We gave it to the new one’, he said.

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