Film Producers Association dismisses complaint against Sen, producer of ‘Prem Geet 3’

Kathmandu. The Film Producers Association has decided to dismiss the digital rights infringement complaint filed against Santosh Sen, the producer of the film ‘Prem Geet 3’.

Ramgopal Rai, a resident of Sikkim, India, filed a petition in the association last Sunday, saying that producer Sen has violated the agreement reached between them and demanded a refund of Rs 48.4 crore invested.

After the application was filed, the union called both the parties for discussion at 2 pm on Friday. Producer Sen was present but petitioner Rai was not present.

Naval Khadka, president of the Film Producers Association, said that the petitioner did not turn up even when called for discussion and producer Sen submitted documents that the contract was already canceled in December 2021, so it was decided not to pursue the petition .

‘The petitioner did not turn up and secondly we have got the document that the contract was already cancelled. Accordingly, it has been decided to reject the application,’ Khadka told online news.

Khadka said, “If he (Rai) is really a victim, he can approach the court and the police, but we have not found him a victim.”

Petitioner Rai had filed the complaint stating that he had paid that amount for the digital rights but he has not received the rights yet. But while talking to online news, producer Sen claimed that he tried to eliminate her character by showing her the already canceled contract.

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Himal Sanchar