Four cases of rape in Morang, Kathmandu and Kaski, one victim

9 October, Biratnagar. Case numbers 076-C1-0022, 077-C1-0053 registered at District Court Morang, 078-C1-0551 in Kathmandu District Court and 079-C1-0030 registered at District Court Kaski relate to rape. In the last four years, the victim of different cases registered in these courts is the same woman.

The defendants, i.e. perpetrators of the case registered as a victim by a 40-year-old woman residing in Biratnagar Metropolitan City, are well-known people in public circles. The defendants in these four cases are bank managers, former police officers and businessmen. From the documents related to the case, it appears that the husband of the victim is working abroad.

Similarly, another case in Morang district court is related to bonded labor industry. In this case, the women who filed the above mentioned four rape cases have been made opponents. He has been acquitted in this case of forced labor industry. The case in which no offense in law has been committed, but an attempt has been made to commit such offence, is called ‘industry’.

Let us now look at the details of the cases registered by these victims:

The first case in District Court Morang was against Amit Bastola on charges of extortion. In case number 076-C1-0022, the code name of the victim is ‘Zahda Ta’. Following the court’s decision, Bastola has been released after spending 1 year 8 months in prison and 20,000 in prison. A case of coercion was registered against him on 10 July 2076.

Bastola was the manager of Nepal Bangladesh Bank’s Karsia branch at the time of the extortion case. On 11 February 2077, the district court Morang decided to sentence him to one year and eight months’ imprisonment. The judgment mentioned that it was observed that he had repeatedly cheated on the pretext of giving loans to the bank.

The victim of Karni case against Bastola is also a victim of dead body hostage and extortion case in which former police officer (SAI) Nayan is the best respondent. The body hostage and coercion case he had registered against Shrestha is still pending in Morang District Court.

After registering a complaint of coercion, the District Attorney’s Office Morang registered a case against Shrestha on 23 July 2077 on the basis of the police investigation report. After arguments, the accused was released on a bail of five lakhs. Shrestha is accused of cheating by luring him with a job.

District Court Morang Another case in which this woman is the victim of two rape cases is going on in Kathmandu District Court. Neeraj Sharma and his wife Neetu are now in custody for hearing in the ‘Body Hostage’ case in which Neeraj Sharma and his wife Neetu were made defendants.

Sharma is a resident of Biratnagar-17. He markets the drug in Kathmandu. As per the details mentioned in the case, the victim and the perpetrator were connected through TikTok.

It is mentioned in the complaint given by the woman that on 9 October 2078, Sharma raped her at 12:30 pm in a tent located at Kalyani Chowk-31, Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The victim is accused of taking the land in the bank and taking a loan on the pretext of taking it hostage by calling his house in Kathmandu.

Sharma said that after staying in Kathmandu, he asked his wife to stay at home one day. Sharma is currently in custody in that case, while his wife is out on bail.

Another case of gang rape has been registered in the District Court Kaski on 22nd June 2079 itself in which the victim was the victim of the three cases mentioned above.

The report mentions that Madhusudan Pandey, 40, of Kathmandu Tokha Municipality-8, Raju Raut, 44, of the same location, Dinesh Kumar Thapa, 44, of Chandragiri Municipality-1 and 34-year-old Nayan, of Salyan Bagchaur Municipality 2. Dangi committed the mass murder in Pokhara on the night of 22 June 2079. The accused are four friends. Pandey and Raut have a hotel near Kathmandu Gongbu Bus Park. Raut runs an engineering consultancy.

According to the complaint, after the victim, who had gone to Kathmandu to meet Raut, came to Narayangarh on June 22, it seems that the four men present in Chitwan went to Pokhara again with the woman. They stayed in room number 305 and 306 of ‘Hotel Shara’ in Pokhara.

The statement given by the victim said that when he was staying in room number 306, Raju Raut and Madhusudan Pandey performed Karni in the night and when two other people also tried to do Karni, he refused. In that case, Raut and Pandey have now been sent to jail pending trial, while Thapa and Dangi are out on bail.

As per the details of the case, the victim woman and Raju Raut got to know each other through TikTok. When the woman asked to go abroad, Raut promised to send her. When the woman reached Kathmandu on June 21, Raju had booked the room saying that she had come to Chitwan to stay at the Bhagwati Inn hotel in Kathmandu.

The woman who stayed in the hotel that day reached Narayangarh the next day. She has said that she was in Chitwan to attend a relative’s wedding and had gone to Chitwan after Raju called her to come here.

The woman claims that after reaching Narayangarh, four people took her to Pokhara and took her to Sauha. He returned to Kathmandu from Pokhara on 23 June. After returning to Kathmandu, the woman stayed at the Bhagwati Inn hotel.

She left the hotel on June 24. Madhusudan, an accused, has told that the woman, who is called the victim, had gone from Narayangarh to Pokhara after tax and returned the next day.

It seems that the aggrieved women are close to the defendants of these four cases through social media. Somewhere for land transactions, sometimes for taking loans and sometimes for jobs, they seem to be coming closer.

This woman, a victim of four cases, has mentioned that Bastola used to lure her repeatedly to give loans from the bank. As mentioned in the charge sheet, the details suggest that he had approached Nayan Shrestha for a job, with Sharma to get a loan by mortgaging land and traveling abroad with four people from Kathmandu. was contacted.

A case was registered against this victim woman and 30-year-old Santosh Mehta, resident of Sunsari Dewanganj-6, in Morang District Court on January 10, 2075.

A girl from Itahari had reported at the district police office Morang that she had called a girl to her house in Biratnagar and tried to rape her. In that case a bench of the then District Judge Rajukumar Khatiwada acquitted both the accused and ruled that the incident turned into sexual abuse.

The court’s decision ordered that the victim be given a time limit to file a case of sexual abuse within two months from the date of the verdict, and if the victim attends and admits to the case, the sexual abuse case will be prosecuted. But the victim did not go to register the case within the time limit given by the court.

Rights activists say – this is a serious matter

Women’s rights activist Manjita Upadhyay, who is aware of the matter, says that it is unusual for the same woman to file cases of forced labor at different places. ‘The woman may actually be the victim, she may be some kind of psycho-social problem’, she said, ‘you have to look at the other side of it, the woman may be wrong.’

“Maybe he has actually suffered from convulsions sooner or later because of the situation,” she said.

The nature of the event also seems unnatural. The nature of all four rape complaints is similar. Human rights activist Upadhyay said, “There are very few cases in the society where a woman exposes that she has been ‘raped’.” Hence it is necessary to analyze it in depth.

Advocate Narayan Dahal says that the case of continuous rape of the same woman at different places raises questions. He says that this incident can be seen from different angles. “If the same event is repeated continuously, it could be ‘honey tapping,’ it could also be due to sexual desire,” he said, “and it could also be rape.”

We contacted the victim to know her reaction. A woman who claims to be the victim’s sister told us, “No one walks around accusing the same person without being a victim, without reporting the incident. this is what happened.’

But to our question as to how such an incident happened four times with the same person, he said, “We have to change the way we look at the person who has three cases, four cases or 10 cases.” The victim did not commit any ‘offence’. He is a victim.’

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar