Gandaki state says – players are not included against the guidelines

31 June, Kathmandu. The Gandaki State Sports Council has claimed that players were not included in the 12th Union President’s Running Shield held in Kathmandu on Thursday, contrary to the competition guidelines.

Online news published news that athletes who had won medals in international competitions were included contrary to the governing guidelines of the President’s Running Shield competition. Gandaki province has denied this news by issuing a statement.

Representing Gandaki province, Badal Karki won the silver medal in the 3000m athletics race in the President’s Running Shield. He is the bronze medalist of the South Asian Cross Country Championships held in Nagaland, India last February.

The Nepal Athletics Association has stated that the competition organized by the Athletics Federation of India is the official competition of athletics. Athletics Association President Rajiv Vikram Shah told News Online that the competition is official with the participation of four South Asian countries.

However, President Running Shield Gandaki Province team leader Khagendra Chhetri issued a statement claiming that the competition was not official but an invitation only. Badal Karki’s international medalist player representing Gandaki province is wrong. The Cross Country Championships held in India is not an official international level competition but an invitation only competition and is not even related to track and field.

There is a clear provision in the Tournament Management Guidelines that medalists in international competitions cannot play the President’s Running Shield. Rakhep himself and the state team are explaining this. Gandaki province is saying that athletics cross country should not be linked to track and field. Rakhep said it was not clear whether the medal won in India was official or not.

Minkumar Sharma, head of the competition and planning department of Rakhep, the organizer of the President’s Running Shield, said a letter should be sent to Rakhep asking if the Athletics Association has any official information about sending athletes to India.

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