Ghorhi sub-metropolitan’s own projects are stalled

18 Chait, Dang. Ghori sub-metropolitan city held a tender on 06 May 078 to construct a five-storey administrative building with underground parking and lift.

Gauri-Parvati/Bhusal Basnet JV has got the responsibility of the building to be constructed at a cost of Rs 20 crore.

As per the contract, the construction of the building should have been completed by 30 Baisakh 080. However, with builders not working, the sub-metropolitan administrative building has been standing with pits and sticks for the last two years.

Though the date of the contract agreement is about to expire, the contractor has not yet performed the work.

Rather, water got accumulated in the pit dug for the construction of the building and the pillars and rods got rusted. Sandip Ghimir, an engineer in the sub-metropolitan city, said, “Water has accumulated in the pit for a long time and the rods have rusted. The construction work can be proceeded only after technical inspection.

Although the work has come to a standstill, the contractor has so far received payment of more than four crores. Even after two years, the sub-metropolitan is preparing to break the contract itself.

Not only the administrative building, another project of Ghorhi sub-metropolitan is also similar. Ward no. Royal Wilders Pvt.

The construction company which was given the responsibility to complete the construction by March 30, 2079 at a cost of 64 lakh 44 thousand, has not yet completed the work. Instead, after the anniversary of the contract, the contractor is out of touch. After not coming in contact with the contractor, now the sub-metropolitan has started the process of canceling the contract.

the plans of his own subordinates are stalled

Not only the sub-metropolitan city’s own plans, but also the projects started under its authority have been stalled.

One such project is the construction of footpath and road paving from Nepal Bank in Ghorhi to District Administration Office via Ghorhi sub-metropolitan city.

Western Vikas Nirman had got the contract on 08 January 077 for the expansion of the road including footpath and blacktop on the road from Ghodahi Bazar to the front of the district administration. Under the sub-metropolitan project, the road to be constructed at a cost of one crore 15 lakh 34 thousand is to be completed by last year. But the time limit was extended till 079 Chait 30 when the contractor did not work. Now, the construction company hasn’t worked even though the deadline is a few days away.

After three years of roadblocks, the suburban city is facing adverse criticism. When the road is not built in time, the water in front of the suburb gets frozen and becomes muddy during the rainy days. Citizens traveling by road and reaching sub-metropolitan offices to avail services always face problems.

Ghorhi Ward no. 16 The work of blackening the road of Khiritte-Lakhuwar-Khairanagar-Dangi village has not progressed. The 1100 meter long road built at a cost of 7.7 lakhs has been stalled for a year.

The sub-metropolitan awarded the road construction work to Urja Krishav JV in May 078. According to the contract agreement, the work of paving the road was to be completed by January 2019. But now the deadline to work is over. This is another example of non-performance of the contractor.

Ghorhi sub metropolitan ward no. The Khaira Kothari route of 9 has not started yet. Royal Wilders Pvt.

According to the contract signed in 078, the work should have been completed by 29 June 079. But the contractor has gone out of hand without starting the work.

Similarly, the road paving work of Pajek under Ghori sub-city has also been stopped midway.

Ghorhi Sub-Metropolitan City-4 Gogli Mavi-Laxmipur Road, Old Ward Office-Narayanpur-Van Gram Sampark Marg, Batalpur to Ward No. Road Paving Package of 12 Jaane Bato Road, VP Marg-Surke Dangi Continuation, Sauri Tharu Village Road Continuation Project was started in 078. The work of paving the said road was given to Mast Brah Infrastructure. The road construction work started at a cost of Rs 13 crore has not progressed. No other work has been done except laying the pipe of the house on the road.

A dozen such development projects under Ghorhi sub-metropolitan have not progressed. Many projects like drains, footpaths, road paving, building construction started by the sub-metropolitan city from its own budget have come to a standstill due to lack of timely work.

Not only the big projects of the Union or State Government, but also the small projects of the local government are not completed on time. “Projects have been abandoned in every village,” says Dhan Bahadur Basnet, a businessman from Ghori.

Residents of the city complain that they face harassment when construction material is left on the road to leave half of the development works like roads and drains. “Work started years ago is left incomplete,” he said, adding, “Nothing happens to a contractor who does not do the work.” On the contrary, we have to suffer.’

The Deputy Metropolitan Municipality cites the negligence of the contractor as the reason for the non-completion of the project. He said, “There is a tendency among construction professionals not to work.

Chief Administrative Officer Bhojraj Ghimire said that although the Ghorhi sub-metropolitan has repeatedly requested to get the work done on time, the contractor has not been contacted and is not working. He said, ‘Contracts are given so that the work is done within the stipulated time, but the work does not work by making excuses.’

He said that he had to face problems because the construction business was not responsible. He said that the contractor will work and when the project is stalled, he has to face criticism.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar