Giomo Gang Film Awards to be held in America

Giomo Gang Film Awards to be held in America

19 December, Kathmandu. The second edition of ‘Jomo Gang Film Awards’ is scheduled to be held on April 1 next year in California, USA. Organizer Spades Multimedia Pvt.

The award is being organized with the aim of developing and promoting films made in indigenous tribes and mother tongues in Nepal. The awards will be given in 13 different categories including Film, Director, Actor, Actress, Editor, New Actor, New Actress, Cinematographer, Villain, Story, Background Music, Conflict Director and New Director, the press conference said.

Artists Association President Ravindra Khadka, actress Sarita Lamichhane, director Rishi Lamichhane and others wished the award success. Adivasi Janata Film Federation President Amrit Sunuvar said that the award will protect creativity and creativity.

Hukum Multimedia organized the first edition of the award on January 26, 2076 in Pattaya, Thailand. Hukum Multimedia President Dhan Bahadur Bamjan (DB) said the award was being organized as the film industry was slowly returning to normal. “Our aim is to bring indigenous mother tongue films not only in the country but also abroad. The award will also give a boost to the film and filmmakers,’ he said.

Organizer Multimedia has also opened applications for films participating in the awards.

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