‘Great feast eaten at Sindhupalchowk after Pradeep became hero’

Kathmandu. That’s the loot at that time, when the standard and map of Kabaddi cinema was changing. An energetic youth makes his debut out of nowhere and proudly declares, ‘I am making another such film with an estimated budget of Rs 80 lakhs’.

The discussion of ’80 lakh’ more than the context of making a film creates such a wave in the film industry, as if a stormy wave has come to the seashore after a long silence. People say, ‘A big rooster has been found.’

‘Chicken’. It is a cryptic term, especially popular in the cinema sector, which indicates a person who blindly spends money to become a ‘producer’. He is taken to a golden dreamland and sleeps in a thongno with Vepatta. I don’t know, the field of Nepali cinema in its 6 decade long journey has turned some of them into chickens and then made them sit on their backs.

But Santosh Sen did not agree.

Because cinema was not only a money-making fair for him, but it was also a platform to awaken the romantic dreams of his youth. In this light, he was trying to take such a drastic step, which could not be shaken by the slightest wind. While he was the visitor of Fagat Alok for cinema.

Premgeet caused a loss of Rs 40 lakh. When it came time to do ‘Prem Geet 2’, his naunadi melted away. Many troubles, many quarrels, many rumours. His heart was really upset at this time, ‘Now I have to leave the movies and go back to my old job.’

How many people have come to Kathmandu city to tell stories with new plots of cinema, walking around the city with money in their pocket and saying ‘I will be a producer’? How many people have met who show the calculation of profit earned from investment in cinema by pressing the calculator? How many people shared the allure of ‘name and fame’ that accrued spontaneously?

Santosh Sen was jumping in the quagmire of all these passions, ambitions and illusions. After killing a fanboy in the circle of cinema, he began to feel that if you really wanted to make a film, you had to hire bad directors and bad actors.

At that time he remembered Nischal Basnet, who had already made his mark as a skilled director by making films like ‘Loot’. But Nishil said, ‘I am busy somewhere else.’

At that time he remembered Anmol Casey, whose price was skyrocketing. Santosh Sen reaches his house with Anmol with the intention of doing a travel love story in Mustang. At first Anmol indicated that he would play. Later he said ‘I can’t play’.

At that time he remembered Dayhang Rai, who was at the peak of his career. He approached Dayhang with a proposal for a new film. But Dayhang showed his busy schedule and said, ‘You are not ready yet.’

In the end, while roaming around, he collided with Sudarshan Thapa.

Sudarshan had said, ‘A film that I have made, even if it sinks, may cause a loss of 1.5 million to many people. If profit is made then 15-20 lakhs will be in your pocket. Santosh thought his words were interesting. And, he made a film, Chankhe Shankhe Paanke.

After the release of the film, Santosh had this philosophy, ‘Like a rambling bull, if you do not look left and right, you will not get money from the film.’

Santosh Sen, Christina Gurung and Pradeep Khadka in Mumbai for the promotion of Premgeet 3

The cinema kept sinking, it kept running

After returning from Brunei, Santosh had a lot of money. And dreams with money. The dream was to make a film.

Coincidentally, I met a friend named Prem Puri. He has a great passion for cinema. He has played supporting roles in many films. He not only gave Santosh the gurumantra to make the film, but also met the director. Cinema work has started. Story written, characters selected, locations visited, songs recorded, workshops conducted. However, when Santosh felt that this kind of rhythm would not make the film, he gave up midway.

That’s when the desire for cinema took him to Sudarshan Thapa. With his collaboration, Santosh made ‘Chankhe Shankh Fan’. More than one crore was spent on this film made in 80 lakh rupees. Expenses on promotion.

While ‘Chankhe Shankh Fan’ was not done, Santosh had already boarded the Mustang to make ‘Prem Geet’. With the old team.

He appeared in front of a performance of ‘Chankhe Shankh Fan’ from Mustang to campaign in Kathmandu. But the well-known faces of the cinema world were busy shooting for ‘Prem Geet’. Who knows him?

As Santosh went on the campaign trail, people thought of him less as a producer and more as a rooster.

Finally the film came. That very day, his sleep was disturbed. He realized, ‘I don’t even know the ‘F’ of the film.’

How does cinema work? How many hallways and curtains do you get? How many shows are given? How is the amount received per show distributed? Who counts the number of viewers watching movies? Santosh did not find any sheep.

A total of Rs 9 lakh was returned from the film, which was worth more than Rs 1 crore. He had kept this amount for the promotion of ‘Love Song’.

While making ‘Prem Geet’, Santosh realized that it is not enough to just spend money on film production here. The cost of equipment that is needed and what is not needed is different, the cost of clothing which is needed and not needed is different. On top of that, the so-called media saying ‘for propaganda’ is different. Thus the total cost was one crore seven crore.

Finally ‘Prem Geet’ was performed. But at this time cinema became piracy. Premgeet caused a loss of Rs 40 lakh. When it came time to do ‘Prem Geet 2’, his naunadi melted away. Many troubles, many quarrels, many rumours. His heart was really upset at this time, ‘Now I have to leave the movies and go back to my old job.’

At that time Santosh Sen was in Sindhupalchowk with his team. They reached there with relief after the devastating earthquake. Pradeep’s story unfolds. He decided to cast Pradeep as the hero. And in that joy they bought a big cake and had a big feast.

This is how ‘Prem Geet 3’ was made.

Khaptad Swami says, ‘Three things are necessary for success- determination, self-confidence and constant effort.’

He remained unmoved even in this series of Ghataghat. The firmness with which he was stepping was indicating a happy day.

During the shooting of the movie Prem Geet 3

Jasotso Prem Geet 2 came on display. He spent Rs 19 crore on its construction. The total earning is Rs 270 crores. There was a total profit of 80 lakhs. After spending this money, Santosh decided to make a film. Based on the story of the stepmother, a rough outline was drawn. My name is Jurio, my mother. He went to Chetan Gurung with a short story.

At that time Chetan narrated a shocking story to Santosh. The story of a Himalayan village hundreds of years ago. While Mary Mamu’s work was starting, Santosh’s mathingal revolved around a story told by Chetan Gurung. In the end it was planned to make another film, Prem Geet-3, linking the same story. But Chetan Gurung did not dare. Because the general preparation and budget was not enough to make a film on the story.

Santosh gathered courage and said, ‘God says you dare, I will deliver. Let’s dare one more time.’ Cheten’s heart became firm with the courage of Santosh. He was excited too.

Pradeep Khadka has been roped in for the lead role. At that time Pradeep was in the race for ‘Love Station’. Pradeep was called and said, ‘We are going to make a film based on a wonderful historical story.’ At first he too was shocked. Pradeep said, ‘Let’s make it on a reasonable budget, better not spend too much.’

Santosh had made up his mind to invest Rs 3-4 crore. In the end, Santosh’s confidence was won. Everyone is preparing for ‘Prem Geet-3’.

When the shooting unit was on its way to Manang for filming, it started snowing. The residents were descending towards the valley. On the way, there used to be a clash between the team of Lashkar and Santosh Sen. They used to say, ‘We are going to the valley to save our lives. How can we stay on top of you?’

Whatever the situation, the sun will not come out after 2 pm. So by that time all the preparations had to be done and the filming should have started. He would wake up early in the morning and reach the shooting location with a sip of hot tea in cold weather. There was great cooperation and camaraderie between the production team. Everyone performed their respective duties well.

Then the team’s Raju Shrestha suddenly got into trouble. Throughout the night, Santosh and Pradeep took care of her. As soon as the snow stopped in the morning, the construction team returned with them to Kathmandu. His heart valve was broken.

The Tragedy of Chetan Gurung

A month later the construction team again went to Manang. Chetan Gurung was tired while going to Manang. He said, ‘Santosh please I cannot do this. Let’s keep the director.’

But Santosh’s resolve was not right. He scolded Chetan, ‘I trusted you sir. If you need help, I’m ready. Don’t give up at all.’

Santosh Harakshan was associated with the preparation of its story itself. He was interested in plot, dialogue, division of scenes, camera angles, composition. Sometimes he would give creative suggestions to the director.

Late director Chetan Gurung, technicians with Santosh Sen during the filming of the film Premgeet 3

Chetan has already got satisfaction. He said, ‘You also support Disha.’ After his death, Santosh decided to help him as a director. Santosh was sure that Chetan was a skilled director in his own right. There was no denying his ability. Santosh had never found another person as creative as Chetan. Chetan could create scenes from place to place.

He had prepared a funny story. There was one character who suited the story, Dayhang Rai. Chetan narrates his story to Dayhang. After reading the script Dayhang said that let’s change the story. At the same time Chetan returned disappointed.

Santosh recalls, “If someone asked him to change the story of his choice, he would not have compromised on it. Instead, he would have closed the chapter of that film.’

Today Santosh is troubled by the same thing, at that time he used to make a film on Cheten’s story. But even if they want satisfaction, they cannot do it. Because Chetan Gurung is no more. Chetan passed away soon after the shooting of Prem Geet 3 was completed.

Pradeep’s debut


Santosh Sen was looking for a chocolaty hero in the film ‘Travel Love Story’ on the location of Mustang. The audition was given after Anmol KC did not agree. Pradeep Khadka was among the top ten selected from the audition.

Earlier he has worked in a film. Camera faced, experienced. In this film, while giving interviews to some media, he has said that he is interested in doing a film with Sudarshan Thapa.

At that time Santosh Sen was in Sindhupalchowk with his team. They reached there with relief after the devastating earthquake. Pradeep’s story unfolds. He decided to cast Pradeep as the hero. And in that joy they bought a big cake and had a big feast.

Santosh Sen with actor Pradeep Khadka

But Pradeep was not aware of this. He had already obtained his student visa and flew to Australia. Stopping Pradeep, Santosh said, ‘You should stay here. I will invest in the film, you should be a hero. Pradeep agreed to this.

After that Santosh’s team started making the hero a ‘groom’. He was sent to the gym.

In the meantime the set of the cinema hall was ready. In the dream sequence, Pradeep was teasing and Pooja was laughing. Since it was midnight, Santosh had already left. He got a message from the set, which read, ’40 takes have been taken, but not done’.

He scolded Pradeep, ‘You have invested so much, your name has been linked to the media. You work with confidence, do it easily.

After that he slowly returned to his rhythm. The shooting of the love song is over. The date of the performance has been set. The performance featured the role of Subas Giri’s ‘classic’. Both were popular heroines, Namrata Shrestha and Aryan Sigdale. A new face in love songs.

As the release date of this film was approaching, there was a lot of hype and hype. There was a divisive match between Subhash Giri and Santosh Sen. The two had not met each other personally. There was no conversation among themselves. But the neighbors were throwing them as if there was some old enmity between the two.

When the two met, they got acquainted with each other in a cordial manner. There was no bitterness in his heart.

Classics and love songs ran parallel. It was Valentine’s Day. In this meso the love song continued in slow motion. In the end, the production side cut the cake on the 51st day of the show and shared the joy.

Life is a Mode: The Boy Who Moved to Lahore

One day he left home to go to Lahore.

At that time the Raof of Lahore in Sayangja village was not attractive at all. Most of the parents dreamed that their son would be successful. Why were Santosh’s parents an exception? He used to say to his son, ‘You have to go to Lahore.’

Following his parents’ dream, Santosh started taking army training. After preparing for the army for a year at the Gorkha Training Centre, he joined the Indian Army. But he did not want to be a prisoner of that strict discipline and kept his dreams hostage. In the end, he ran away from his parents’ dreams.

When the son, who has joined the army, runs away and comes back to his family home, where is the environment where he can be safe? He felt that it was better to go abroad than to bear the humiliation of his village. And went to Malaysia with a visit visa.

I had friends in Malaysia. Stayed in his room for three to four months. Due to the open border, he went to Singapore from there. You can travel to and from Singapore on a visa similar to the duration of a Malaysian visa. He stayed in Singapore for three years at the behest of his friends. There he worked on a ship.

Grandfather’s son was in the Singapore Army in Brunei. After retiring from there, he was entrusted with the security of the royal family of Brunei. He later became the princess’s bodyguard. The midwife was the princess’s confidant.

He hired Santosh as a security guard. He started working diligently. He was loyal to everyone. You have to work there for a total of four hours. What do you do in free time?

He started a meat supply business with his brothers. They used to bring chickens and chickens and send them to the army camp. This type of meat was more commonly consumed by military families coming from Britain. Especially in this work, Santosh took the responsibility of management.

After getting rich from his job and business, Santosh invested his earnings in land in Nepal. At that time the land prices did not touch the sky. Good land could be acquired with the money earned there.

Dai also retired from that job after working 23 years in Brunei. Santosh was also in the mood to return to Nepal after Dai retired. Brother, his brother-in-law and Santosh come up with a plan to start a business. That plan brought them back to Nepal.

But after returning to Nepal, Santosh accidentally entered the field of cinema. Other business activities continued. His journey in cinema was unbroken.

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