Hacker at Godaddy leaked passwords for 1.2 million WordPress sites

godaddy hacked
Kathmandu. Passwords of websites and emails of 12 lakh Godaddy customers have been leaked. Domain registrar and web hosting platform GoDaddy on Monday revealed that hackers stole and leaked the credentials of a large number of its customers.

Managed WordPress has leaked not only 1.2 million e-mail addresses for both active and inactive customers, but their admin passwords as well. The incident was reported by the company releaseAccordingly, a complaint has been filed with the Security and Exchange Commission.

On November 17th, it was revealed that an unauthorized third party had gained access to Godaddy’s managed WordPress hosting. But the hackers allegedly gained access to Godaddy’s system on September 6.

According to the company, user information was leaked through a ‘compromised password’. Which allows hackers to access the legacy code of a managed WordPress system.

Managed WordPress email addresses of 1.2 million users as well as customer numbers have been leaked. GoDaddy said such access to email addresses has opened up phishing attacks on those customers.

Clients’ WordPress administrator passwords are created during provisioning or when setting up their sites. It is also mentioned that hackers have gained access to it. Godaddy has already started the process of resetting the password used by the hacked customers.

Hacker at Godaddy leaked passwords of 1.2 million WordPress sites.

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