Heavy rain in Dadeldhura and Doti, appeal to be vigilant in coastal areas

Indian side urges flood warnings

1 October, Kathmandu. In the last 12 hours, there has been heavy rain in Dadeldhura, Doti and adjoining areas.

Extremely heavy rainfall is expected in the region with a flood warning for the Rangoon River and other minor rivers in the region.

The Flood Information Center of the Department of Water and Meteorology has called for a high alert in the Rangoon river and its adjoining coastal areas.

Presently, there is a combined effect of low pressure system and westerly winds over the Bay of Bengal and Central India over Nepal. Due to this, changes are taking place in most parts of the country at this time.

According to the Meteorological Department, light to moderate rain is occurring at some places in Far West, Karnali, Lumbini and Gandaki and one or two places in rest of the states. According to the division, heavy rains are also occurring at one or two places in the far west.

Source: OnlineKhabar