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We wish to be good citizens. To make a good citizen, important things should be taught from childhood. If we do not help in building a good attitude by teaching important things at a young age, the result will be opposite. Culture is the main tool that makes people good.

Practicing being holistically good is a sacrament. Sanskar is the element that makes a person human. Sanskar is the process of refining people. Sanskar is to purify one’s character. Sanskar is to remove the defects and fill them with virtues. Shining personality is a culture. It is a culture to reflect personality and make it good. Knowing how to behave is a culture. It is a culture to practice being loyal, dutiful, honest and sincere. Culture makes a person valuable. Ritual is psychological training. It supports the character of the person till the last stage. Provides longevity to human thinking.

It is so important to be a good person that for many people the word ‘culture’ is becoming overwhelming. Many people have the misconception that rituals are an old thing; Who talks about rituals in modern times!

However, rituals are not an old thing. It is true that it has been going on since ancient times. We have lost the culture in education. That’s why it is very difficult for us to be human. The education of the future should be cultured. Moral education is not an old education. This can be found only in modern education. Moral education is the education that makes people like people. It is education that makes a conscientious citizen, education with culture.

Spirituality based on Eastern philosophy says that for imparting culture based education, it is necessary to have these three elements in education – Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram.

In these three elements, the elements that make a human being are found. Education should also have Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram so that a citizen with a personality consisting of these three elements can be prepared. Satyam means truth, Shivam means service and Sundaram means doing things in a new way. Find a new way. Creating a new perspective. discover

Answer: Although high impulses are controlled in childhood, still sometimes they show excessive impulsiveness if the family environment is not good. This is where proper care is needed. Skilled parenting skills are essential here.

Have we practiced this in education?

To make a personality full of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram, schools should provide education containing these elements in education. In practice, along with these elements, parents should give practical knowledge at home. However, has the school made such an effort in education? Are these factors taken into account when dealing with the family?

These questions need to be answered in depth.

What kind of environment have we given to our children? How did the school teach? If we look at our current society, the simple answer to these questions is – neither the parents have brought up in a good environment, nor the school has given good education. Some attempts have been made. However, not enough. How should education be and what kind of education did we give? What kind of environment should children be brought up in and what kind of environment have we brought them up in? I have been focusing on debating these questions for a long time. Got an opportunity to gather many experiences during this child-centred campaign.

This book compares early childhood and late childhood. He wrote child selling schools including the psychology of early childhood. Children who sell school and home schooling are affected. The kid who sold school, early childhood psychological behavior and the story of homeschooling: Moral psychological education in early childhood. The character is warm. However, there is a difference between that book and this book. Hardik, who used to hurt the child who sold the school, has now turned into Hardik who does not hurt. The schoolboy’s dialogues were like idioms and proverbs, all in reverse. However, today’s dialogue seems to be intellectual. He appears to be a philosopher. literary.

Hardik sometimes feels like a narrator while reading a book. Like a writer who uses images. Like a planner who imagines that he will do this and that. Sometimes using technology to find something, sometimes like a researcher. The two books have become different due to the change in sentiment. If you read both the books, you can clearly understand the difference between early childhood and post-childhood.

control unpleasant emotions

After reaching adolescence, children begin to control their emotions. I know from Hardik’s actions that he is controlling his emotions. Knowingly or unknowingly, distortions are seen in many emotions in childhood itself. By reaching post-childhood, they may know that distortion of emotions is bad. Unpleasant emotions like fear, anger, sadness, anxiety come under control after coming from childhood. They show very little. Most of the sentiments expressed at this time are endearing. Unpleasant feelings are controlled and dear feelings are more visible. If we compare children sold in school and home education, the difference is clear. Answer: Although high impulses are controlled in childhood, still sometimes they show excessive impulsiveness if the family environment is not good. This is where proper care is needed. Skilled parenting skills are essential here.

That is why international law must provide for proper guardianship until the age of eighteen, which is defined as a child. Parenting methods are different at each stage of child development. Here is a book that makes you realize this differently – Home Education: Cultural Psychological Learning.

Many people find many subjects boring. This is because we look at the subject superficially instead of looking deeply. I think the little things are important. Small things shake our lives. We don’t care about being small. But, when a small thing leads to serious consequences, it becomes a problem and only then do we realize its importance. Small things have the power to shake a person, like a small arrow can make a deep wound.

If you take a closer look at a seemingly simple topic, it turns out to be deeper. For it to be intense, you should think that you can take it somewhere else and add it. There should be status. Children’s activities seem normal to many. But if the same general thing is related to psychology, related to education, related to learning, then it is considered a source of knowledge. Thus, step by step there is knowledge. Knowledge can be gained from any subject. For example, a bee came and sat in a house pot. Generally speaking, it is a small creature. It came and sat on the flower, that’s all. However, if you add it to honey, then the bee is not a normal bee. It is the source of honey. Let us know about the benefits of honey. It is the source of many businesses. Deepen it with honey and mix it again in the same flower. Sitting on a flower means pollination. Pollination means producing grains. What happens if pollination doesn’t happen? There is no food production. What happens if there is no grain production? People can’t eat. According to a statistic, if the bee disappears from the world, then after four days the human being will also disappear from the world. Eighty percent of the grains and fruits are pollinated by bees. The knowledge of bees can be extended there, if you know how to connect. It is understandable how necessary this subject is, how much there is a desire to find it. The ability to acquire knowledge comes from understanding, otherwise knowledge is everywhere. If you have the art of adding then you have to learn step by step.

The children are small. So, we think it’s too small to talk about the little ones. We think it is too short to write about little ones. Due to not paying attention to these little ones, the education of the children has not been effective. Due to not considering small things as important, the life of us elders also passes by ignoring small things. We get scared only when small things have serious consequences. And then there is nothing left but to repent for not paying attention to small things. We call it the little snake. We don’t care about the little arrows. However, if a small needle is stepped on, it will penetrate the bone. Only after pricking will you know that the needle will prick further inside. Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell says, “The little things are very important. Don’t ignore it, always notice it.”

Knowledge is of two types, theoretical and practical. Theoretical knowledge is weak. Mere knowledge is not very effective. Experience can be gained only when theory is put into practice. Knowledge becomes meaningful only after experience. Proficiency in practical knowledge.

Behavior is seen by looking at small things. When we see these small things, the children are not listened to. Overall we are suffering from this psychology that children are nothing. However, children are everything. The hope of the future of the country rests on the children. Understanding and dealing with child psychology helps in creating a suitable educational environment for gifted, backward, mentally retarded and troubled children. Helps by providing appropriate family advice and counselling. That’s why child psychological behavior is now debated all over the world. Although it is said to do child psychology, it has not been implemented in practice. This is a big problem.

How to solve these problems? The solution is to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge. Books are a reliable source of knowledge. There are many books on child psychology. But, foreigner. That too more theoretical, less practical.

It is a study done over a period of time. The seven-day activity is the basis for home education writing. The action is of seven days only, the process of acquiring knowledge is years long. I have only seen Hardik since 6 years 6 months. I have studied behavior. I am also acting by understanding psychology. When the world was in the grip of lockdown, the child’s emotions were studied based on the creative activities they did for seven days while they were locked inside the house. This book is a documentation of that passion study.

mission good citizen

We want our grandparents to be good and moral. People who show behavior and activities which are especially liked by family and society are moral people. Qualities like not telling lies, believing what is said, paying attention to studies, not quarreling with siblings, helping others, appreciating social values ​​and norms are being developed. This should be considered as the development of moral expression in late childhood. In general, during the post-childhood period, the gang, social interaction, social behavior and rules adopted by the family, the conscience formed by children, the child training methods of the family, the social environment in which the child lives, and the guidance of the elders affect the children. Society has an impact on the moral development of.

We want our children to become successful human beings tomorrow. To be successful human life must be healthy. Must be healthy. Must be good and prudent. Must be educated, helpful, virtuous, virtuous, hardworking and emotionally balanced personality. These qualities can also be inherited. However, if the growing environment is not good, growth must be stopped. An environment should be created where children can learn and grow without such hindrances. A good citizen can be prepared only by proper education and proper upbringing. It is a campaign that should start from home to make good citizens.


As the state of mind is formed by the environment after birth, it can be changed. However, it is difficult to change this later. Attitudes leave a deep impression on a person’s conscience. So it is difficult to erase this impression. Psychologists say that such an impression cannot be erased unless the feelings are hurt. It is considered a complex process because the state of mind changes only after repeatedly realizing that its thoughts, beliefs and feelings are wrong.

So what impression? What kind of personality to create? For this attention should be paid in upbringing. You should focus on learning. For a good personality, good education, good manners, should be given opportunity to grow up in a fear-free environment. Another campaign that should be given this opportunity is Home Education: Cultural Psychological Education.

These are my new experiments in the field of book writing. As Haridas said, why be unhappy with the reaction of a new experiment done for the society? My writing is objective writing. Since this is objective writing, how did you write it? Don’t look at it how do you write What style do you write in? Don’t even watch it. why did you write Check it out!

I wrote to give some tips on how to raise them at home. I wrote to start a campaign to create civilized citizens. The first condition of imparting good culture is to grow up in a non-violent environment. Child friendly behavior. I wrote to encourage child-friendly parenting to groom children into good citizens. There are countless parents who behave child-friendly, who have not been able to raise them in a cultured environment even if they wanted to. To make it easier for them, to get inspired – this is the main purpose of sharing experiences and sharing knowledge. Understand it in this sense, then this book is a source of knowledge especially for those who are bringing up and teaching children.

Knowledge is of two types, theoretical and practical. Theoretical knowledge is weak. Mere knowledge is not very effective. Experience can be gained only when theory is put into practice. Knowledge becomes meaningful only after experience. Proficiency in practical knowledge. Such knowledge is always dynamic. a scientist. Behavior is science. Knowledge is meaningful only when it can be linked to science. The same theoretical knowledge, based on the same knowledge, is another way to test the theory I have created in the context of behavioral home education: moral psychological education.

(Excerpt from journalist Nupane’s book ‘Gharko Shiksha: Sanskaryukt Psychological Education’ which was released this week)

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar