Homework for Reviewing ‘Visa-Free Ticket’ Policy

9 Manseer, Kathmandu. The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has started the homework of reviewing the policy of ‘Visa-Free Ticket’. Arguing that the policy did not stop the process of defrauding the workers and instead lost the revenue received to the government, Labor Minister Krishan Kumar Shrestha ‘Farmer’ started discussions within the ministry to review the policy. Is.

Ministry spokesman Danduraj Ghimire said the government was conducting an internal review on the provision that workers going abroad would be allowed to go abroad at zero cost and that labor force companies would be allowed to charge only Rs 10,000 for sending workers to Gulf countries, including Malaysia. will be allowed. ,

The Ministry of Labor and Employment decided on 21 July 2072 that the visa and ticket amount for Nepalese workers going to the 7 major labor destination countries should be borne by the employer.

However, the government did not do effective monitoring and regulation for its effective implementation. Because of this, the employees kept getting cheated. Now the government itself is in favor of changing the policy by calling the workers thugs.

“The ministry has not been able to take any concrete decision on whether to review the policy or what kind of policy to adopt. The minister and the secretary have started discussions.

Speaking to reporters in Kathmandu on Sunday, Minister Shrestha said he would take some new decision on the policy of ‘visa-free tickets’.

It’s great to say ‘visa-free ticket’ in language and dialect. “If I cancel this provision, there are many foxes outside, they will not be allowed to live and eat,” he said.

Minister Shrestha had said that workers have to pay hefty fees and the state is not allowed to collect tax from entrepreneurs, even if it is fixed at Rs 10,000.

He said that the traders who paid Rs.

He said, ‘The government and laborers have been cheated by this system. Manpower traders have not been able to hide their money.

Recommended to apply everywhere in the drawer

The report of the task force constituted on 28 August 2075 to study potential destination countries for foreign employment, the possibility of sending workers from the government level and withholding service charges, has been placed in the drawer of the Ministry of Labor.

The report recommended that the current system be made effective and a policy of free visas and free tickets be adopted in all labor destination countries. The task force had suggested to the government that this system should be implemented in all countries on the basis of global practice.

The task force, convened by former ambassador Uday Raj Pandey, said there is a global belief that employers must pay all expenses incurred by workers in overseas employment (employer pay model). For this the report mentions that it would be appropriate for the government to sign a bilateral labor agreement or agreement with the country concerned.

The government is still undecided on the implementation of the report, which recommends implementing a zero-cost system in all destination countries, discouraging employers from certifying renewable service fees.

The report suggests that in case of denial of entry fee for work with comparative advantage and potential for future progress of workers, it would be appropriate for the government to put the interests of workers first depending on the nature of each demand. ,

On 18 December 2075, the Supreme Court also issued a directive order to effectively implement the decision on free visas and ticketing. A joint bench of Justice Purushottam Bhandari and Justice Kedar Prasad Chalis had ordered to make necessary laws and mechanisms for this in the name of the government. However, the government is yet to frame any effective law and mechanism as per the order.

Source: OnlineKhabar