Hong Kong cannabis smuggling gang caught in Kathmandu

Hong Kong cannabis smuggling gang caught in Kathmandu

September 24, Kathmandu. Police Drug Control Bureau Koteshwar has arrested a gang involved in smuggling cannabis from Nepal to Hong Kong.

A joint team of Drug Control Bureau, Koteshwar and Metropolitan Police Complex, Lalitpur arrested him on September 29, 2008, when he was on his way to Hong Kong by Bluestar Cargo at Lalitpur-20 Man Bhawan. Police have recovered 7 kg 977 grams of ganja and one lakh rupees in cash from them.

According to the bureau, 9 kg of cannabis and 3 kg of cannabis were kept hidden in a wooden stick used in Soma. 32-year-old Anjit Thapa, resident of Urlabari-8, has been arrested with 50 grams.

Sujan Shrestha, 30, of Sunkoshi Gaonpalika-5, living in Hattiwan, had given cannabis to Anjit Thapa on the same day.
41-year-old Jalindra Shrestha of Likhsu Village Municipality-5 Sindhupalchowk has been arrested for giving cannabis to Sujan Shrestha.

Police have recovered 2 kg 40 grams of cannabis, 2 boxes of 2 fabrics, 2 boxes of iron hexa blades, 2 chisels, a knife, 2 hammers and 1 edge from the room of the arrested Jalindra. A sewing machine was recovered from them. Is. , two forms of stone and four rolled tapes.

While conducting a similar investigation, Deendayal Mahto Urwankor Dipendra Mahto, a resident of Sakhuwa Parsauni and presently residing in Kathmandu Metropolitan City-6, has also been arrested.

Along with these, the Bureau has also seized lists-113 of 2 kg rectangular shaped wood used in small thangas. 875 gm Narcotic drug Charas, Digital scale-3, Sewing machine-1, Rolling machine-1, Fabicol-2, Handicrafts resembling a kind of damaru – 7 items of which Rs. One lakh has been recovered.

Similarly, 45-year-old Rabi Muktan of Thaha Municipality-11 has been arrested from Kathmandu Metropolitan City-14 on 29 October for selling cannabis to Jalindra Shrestha and Sujan Shrestha alias Sagar. Police have recovered 9 grams and 500 mg of Charesh from his room.

Similarly, Motilal Tamang, 23, of the Thackeray government.

According to Superintendent of Police Jeevan Shrestha, he has been arrested under Narcotic Drugs (Control) Act 2033 BS and further investigation is on.

Source: OnlineKhabar