How did Nitin Madan get involved in the Lal Mohammad murder case?

6 October, Kathmandu. As soon as Lal Mohammad was murdered in Gothatar at 6.30 pm, the investigating officers started investigating after seeing the footage of a nearby closed circuit (CC) camera.

Along with this, people around were also being questioned. Meanwhile, the police got information that the person involved in the murder was staying at Koshipari Guest House, which is three hundred meters away from the spot.

According to an officer involved in the investigation, when he went to the hotel and questioned the staff, it was found that the suspect was living under the name of ‘Jeetan Khan’. The team of Teku, District Police Complex, checked the CCTV footage of the hotel where ‘Jeetan’ was visible along with two others.

“The person whose name was booked at the hotel was the same one we had seen earlier,” the officer said.

According to the police, a hundi worth Rs 70 lakh was looted from New Road area about a year ago. In connection with the same incident, the District Police Complex Kathmandu and the Police Circle Public Service were looking for him.

According to sources, the victim of the incident was also a member of the police family. That’s why the police investigated for a long time. But that person was not found. Under investigation, the police had already reached the brother of that person.

A member of the inquiry committee headed by Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Janakraj Bhattarai says, “After suspecting that it was him, when he met the midwife again and showed her the CCTV footage, he told that the man was his brother. It was Nitin Madan.” After it was confirmed that the person in the CCTV footage was Nitin, the police called him. A detailed record (CDR) was taken out.

Sources say that Nitin is also in touch with Lal Mohammad in the CDR. According to police sources, he is also in touch with the dreaded kidnapper Uday Sethi, who is in Rasuva jail. Sethi is a member of the Mumbai-based underworld don Chhota Rajan Group.

According to sources, it is seen that there is a constant contact between Sethi and Madan. It is also learned that Madan went to Rasuva with a friend and gave material like shoes, clothes to Sethi. An officer involved in the investigation says that it shows the closeness of the relationship between them.

It was seen that there were regular conversations on the telephone as well. Police told from technical analysis that before the incident, two shooters and Madan had a meeting at the hotel.

“It has been confirmed that everything from weapon handling to reiki was done by Madan,” says an official from Kathmandu’s district police complex. .

Although the identity has been revealed, the people involved in the incident have not been arrested yet. According to police sources, though he has been living in Nepal for a long time, his home is Haryana, India. He is married to a Nepali woman. According to sources, his wife is currently in Delhi. Only mother and brother are in the room in New Road.

According to the police, he is also involved in robbery and gambling. According to sources, he had drowned a lot of money in casinos as well. It is not clear how she and Uday Sethi knew each other. The team of investigating officers has gone to the district jail Rasuva to interrogate Uday.

Police have recovered the motorcycle used by Madan before the incident. Police suspect that the motorcycle may have been used to chase Lal Mohammad in the past. The motorcycle used in the incident has not yet been recovered.

Lal Mohammad of Hariwan Municipality-2, Sarlahi had gone to Jorpati on Monday afternoon to buy plastic for clothes. When he returned to car number ba 6ch 5152, a man shot him in the yard as he got out.

The CCTV footage also showed a youth wearing a red shirt and jeans followed her around the car and shot her. The police took Mohammad to Shankarpur Hospital in a critical condition. The hospital referred him to Trivi Teaching Hospital in Maharajganj within half an hour. His death was announced at the teaching hospital.

Even before this incident, an attempt had been made to attack Mohammad. So on 25th August he applied to Police Bit Jammudanda saying that he is unsafe.

To investigate the incident, the Naxal Police Headquarters has constituted a five-member committee under the leadership of SSP Janak Bhattarai of Valley Crime Investigation Office, Baneshwar.

The investigative committee suspects that Mohammad may have been murdered with the help of a professional criminal, with findings regarding the background of counterfeit currency notes and being on the wanted list of India’s intelligence agency.

Source: OnlineKhabar

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