How did the Air India ship get stuck under the bridge?

How did the Air India ship get stuck under the bridge?

20 September, Kathmandu. You must have seen the airplane flying in the sky and landing on the runway, but never seen it crashing under the bridge. But a video of a ship sinking under a bridge in India’s capital New Delhi has gone viral.

Air India, India’s national flag carrier, is stranded under an overhead bridge on the Delhi-Gurgaon highway.

It is a scrapped ship and is no longer affiliated with Air India. The already sold out ship fell under a bridge in the sky while taking off from the Indira Gandhi International Airport. The ship’s fan is missing in a video made public on Twitter by Indian journalist Ashok Raj. Vehicles are seen passing by it.

The video has been viewed by thousands on Twitter and YouTube. Video viewers have also posted a variety of reactions. Some have questioned how the ship crashed, while others have said the route should have been thoroughly checked before taking off.

Some have even compared the incident to the 2019 incident in West Bengal. Even then a Kavadi ship was stuck under the bridge.

Another Twitter user posted a video of the ship being loaded into the lorry and said that the incident happened on October 3.

#Watch One airindian The plane ️ (not in service) got stuck under the foot over bridge. Can anyone confirm the date and location?
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