How do hospitals provide treatment services during Dashain?

14 October, Kathmandu. Dashain is also known as the festival of wearing good clothes and eating sweets in Nepalese society. Meat is the main food in Dashain. But if you don’t think about your diet, doctors recommend that you be aware that you can get sick during Dashain.

Doctors say that if you do not pay attention to food and drink during the festival, then health problems like food poisoning, diarrhea and cholera can come to the fore. While dengue is spreading in the Kathmandu Valley, many people have left the valley and reached their native places to celebrate Dashain. With the departure of people from Kathmandu, there is a danger of spreading dengue in the village. Sher Bahadur explains again.

Dengue vector (Aedes mosquito) is found throughout the country. When people return home from the valley during Dashain, there is a fear that the dengue virus will spread across the country. Re said. He said that as the movement of people increases, the risk of diseases like corona, dengue, malaria, diarrhea and cholera will also increase.

Dashain is also considered as the festival of eating meat. Food can increase blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, uric acid, diarrhea, gastric disease. Similarly, the danger of dengue and corona is also the same. Pun says, ‘Now it seems that along with eating, precautions should also be taken to avoid communicable diseases.’

During Dashain from Phulpati to Ekadashi almost all hospitals have closed OPD (outside) services. As a result, the number of patients in the emergency room may increase. Despite the closure of OPD service, the hospital provides regular services to the patients visiting the emergency room and the patients undergoing treatment in the ward.

The hospital has to manage the leave and duty hours of doctors for wards and emergency services even after the OPD service is closed. How are the big hospitals in Kathmandu Valley treating dengue, corona patients, food and drink patients, accidents and other patients?

We have spoken to the doctors of some big hospitals of Kathmandu in this matter.

How does a hospital emergency and ward work?

Veer Hospital

The emergency service of Veer Hospital, the central hospital in Kathmandu, is also open on the tenth.

In order to control the number of patients and illnesses on the tenth day, the hospital has arranged to have emergency service doctors like other public holidays. Bhupendra Kumar Basnet said.

According to the hospital, OPD services will remain closed from Phulpati to Ekadashi. “Wards and emergency rooms will function in the same way as they did during public holidays,” Dr. Basnet said, ‘Doctors work in turn and also celebrate Dashain.’

‘Nowadays, just as there is a risk of corona from dengue, so do people with symptoms. We mobilize and provide regular services to patients visiting the emergency room and patients in the ward on a rotational basis, Dr. Basnett said.

Gangalal National Heart Center

Gangalal Hospital also said that it will effectively provide emergency services to the patients during Dashain. During the decade, Dr. Chandramani Adhikari, director of the hospital, said.

Emergency rooms and wards remain open during Dussehra. Emergency surgery is also done, after some time the operation (elective operation) stops’, Dr. Adhikari said, ‘Even if it is ten years, there is no need for patients to return without getting emergency services.’

He said that people from outside Kathmandu Valley have been given alternate holidays during Dashain and Tihar. Those who are on leave during Dussehra do duty during Tihar. We have made routine arrangements for those doing Tihar duty to get leave on Dashain. “We have kept the duty in such a way that everyone can celebrate tenth Tihar and not stop the service,” the official said.

Shukraj Tropical And Communicable Disease Hospital

Shukraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital, Teku, has said that OPD services will be regular even on public holidays. The emergency room will be open 24 hours for the treatment of dengue patients.

According to the hospital’s information officer Navraj Gautam, the OPD service will operate during the day. ‘Earlier there was a holiday from Phulpati to Dashami. However, as dengue infection continues, we are delaying OPD service days’, Gautam said, adding, ‘OPD will be operational on Phulpati and Navami days.

There is dengue infection all over the country, rabies, HIV, TB patients come daily for service. He said that patients coming to the hospital are served from the emergency room on other days as well.

Similarly, he said, the hospital will also provide 24-hour medicine for those bitten by dogs.

Kanti Children Hospital

OPD services at Kanti Children Hospital are closed during Dashain. Physicians in all service emergency rooms see patients based on disease expertise.

According to hospital director Dr. Yuvanidi Basoula, keeping in mind the treatment of patients and festivals, doctors and nurses have made a rule that they can take leave only once during Dashain and Tihar. The medical unit does the duty as per the bar. OPD services will remain closed from next Sunday to Saturday. However, we have made arrangements to provide services to the patients from the emergency room,’ Dr. Basoula said.

According to him, arrangements are made that the patients in the ward should be seen by the specialist doctor according to the rounds. “During Duchenne the patients are less in terms of numbers, but the complications of the disease are high in spite of having fewer patients, they are patients of serious diseases. In this way, we have arranged the duty of health workers”, Dr. Basoula said.

University Teaching Hospital

University Teaching Hospital will provide regular services to the patients coming for treatment during Dashain. According to the hospital’s information officer, Ram Bikram Adhikari, the hospital’s emergency services and emergency operations remain open. There is no tradition of giving a holiday on the occasion of Dussehra. All the employees should render regular service in the course of their duty,’ the official said.

He said that except OPD, all services would be operated regularly. ‘The list of employees to be posted for Dashain has been prepared. He said that doctors, nurses and other staff working in their respective wards regularly serve the patients.

Patan Hospital

Patan Hospital also said that it will provide regular emergency services during Dashain. According to the hospital director Dr. Ravi Shakya, OPD services are closed for four days only. “However, all patients who come to the emergency room get service,” Dr. “We have accordingly managed manpower for the treatment of patients who fall ill during Dashain and come to the hospital for treatment,” said Shakya.

According to him, manpower is managed outside the Kathmandu Valley alternately during the Dashain and Tihar holidays.

Bhaktapur Hospital

Bhaktapur Hospital said that doctors will provide regular services for emergency services and treatment of patients in the ward. According to Dr. Sumitra Gautam, the director of the hospital, arrangements have been made to provide services to the patients coming to the OPD from the emergency room.

“Emergency services work round the clock. We have made arrangements to provide OPD services from there by arranging one more doctor in the emergency room. ‘Emergency operations don’t stop. There is no surgery for routine cases,'” said Gautam.

Similarly due to more road accidents during Dashain, an Orthopedist is put on duty. He said that arrangements have been made to give leave so that if needed, the consultant doctor can be called by phone.

National Trauma Center

The emergency department of the National Trauma Center is overcrowded with patients, where accidents are more frequent during the decade. According to the director of the hospital, Rudra Mirasini, there is no leave for the doctors and nurses on Dashain duty. The OPD services of the hospital will remain closed and emergency surgery will continue.

Even if there is a tenth, there is no leave of doctors and nurses. You have to come to work on your duty. When there are more accidents during Dashain, we have adjusted the duties of the doctor accordingly,’ Dr. Marcini said.

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