How many on the coach’s team manage to topple all four chairs in The Voice Kids?

Ashmi Khawas and Rijan Dangi are among the four who managed to turn the tables on the coaches on ‘The Voice Kids’.

Kathmandu. According to the structure of the television reality show The Voice, the contestant who can topple all four chairs is considered better than the others. It also has a watchable style of voice, which sets it apart from the rest. There is also a competition between the coaches to include all four chair-turning talents in their team.

As a result, it is a competition between coaches rather than voice talent. In the ongoing edition of Voice Kids Nepal, you can also see the competition between coaches to attract talent. Now the blind auditions are going on in Voice Kids and this phase will end from next week. The coach will build the team in such a way that there will be 12 people in a coach’s group.

By the final stage, coach Milan Newar has four talents in his group who managed to spin the most four chairs. 3-3 in coach Pramod Kharel and Sushant KC’s group and one person from coach Praveesha’s group have succeeded in overturning all the four chairs. Putting all four chair spinners in a group doesn’t guarantee victory, but it does help push towards victory. Due to which every effort is being made to bring ‘four chair tension’ among the coaches.

The blind round is set to end next Friday and Saturday. After this the period of war will begin.

श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

Himal Sanchar