How much did ‘Jhingedou’ and ‘Aaina Jhyalko Putli’ earn at the Nepali box office?

How much did 'Jhingedou' and 'Aaina Jhyalko Putli' earn at the Nepali box office?

Kathmandu. ‘Jingedau’ and ‘Aaina Jhilko Putli’ are two such films which have been well received by the audience in recent times. Based on the work of Bhimanidhi Tiwari, ‘Zhingedou’ has garnered exposure from hall performances.

Critics and audiences have said that ‘Aina Dhyanko Putli’ is the best film of recent times. However, the film directed by Sujit Bidari did poorly at the box office.

The appreciation that ‘Aina Jhalko Putli’ received after being recommended for the Oscar award from Nepal, is also bound to take a toll on its poor earnings. In such a situation, according to the box office figures of the Film Development Board, both these films have earned.

‘Jingedau’ has earned a total of Rs 3 crore 18 lakh till the third Wednesday. The earning of ‘Aaina Jhilko Putli’ till Wednesday evening is just Rs 42 lakh.

Bollywood film ‘Brahmasht’ has earned Rs 39.6 crore in Nepal till Wednesday evening. It was easy for ‘Jingedou’ to garner investment from Hall, while the other two films are yet to garner investments.

Since the screening of ‘Prem Geet 3’ and ‘Avatar’ will be held from Friday, it will be a big challenge for the films currently running.

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