How to chat with yourself on WhatsApp?

The popular messaging app WhatsApp has millions of users in the world every day. Meta company is constantly adding new and exciting features to WhatsApp. But many people do not know about some of its features. One of them is a feature that allows you to chat with yourself.

One such feature is also available in messaging apps like Signal, with the help of which users can chat with themselves and create lists, save links etc.

Many people are aware of the various features in WhatsApp such as archiving chats, mute groups, star important messages, etc. But the chat feature by itself is a feature that not many people are aware of and it is amazing.

How to chat with yourself

Chatting with yourself on WhatsApp can be useful in many ways. With it, you can save various links, chats and videos and watch them later in your free time. Plus, with this feature, you can create shopping and other to-do lists and share them on other devices. To chat with yourself on WhatsApp:

Open any browser on your phone and personal computer

Then type your phone number along with in the browser’s address bar. When typing a phone number, be sure to include the country’s phone code, such as 977 in the case of Nepal.

After that, a windows prompt will prompt you to open WhatsApp. If you’re using a smartphone, WhatsApp will open with your phone number just above your profile picture. You can then chat with yourself, add notes, and save photos and videos.

If you’re on a computer, Windows will open with a button labeled Continue Chat.

After clicking on that option, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop app will open and your chat will be visible there. There you can start a chat with yourself.

This way, all chats with links and text will be visible on your phone and you can get all the data even if you log into WhatsApp from any device. with the help of agency

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Himal Sanchar