How to edit photo on facebook?

Kathmandu. The social media platform Facebook helps us connect with our friends and family.

In addition to posting written content on Facebook, we also share photos and videos.

It is possible that every person using Facebook has posted something like this on Facebook.

But do you know that you can also edit the pictures uploaded on Facebook?

Yes, you can edit photos uploaded to Facebook before sharing them.

For that do as below:

  • Click on the photo/video icon at the top of Facebook feed, which is below the What’s on your mind section.
  • Then select the picture you want to share on Facebook.
  • Then you have to go to Photos and click on the pencil icon and then go to the Edit All option.
  • Then go to the respective picture which you want to edit and click on edit option
  • You can edit the image there. In which you can put caption, tag someone, crop and rotate.
  • As soon as the editing is done, you have to click on the button. This allows you to share the edited photo on Facebook.
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    Himal Sanchar