Husband killed in domestic dispute

October 10, Janakpurdham. It has been revealed that Laliya of 45-year-old Jeevchi Devi Dhanusha of Mithilabihari Municipality-5 was found dead by her own husband in a bamboo bush.

The police arrested Sri Rama Mandal on the charge of murder. DSP Pradeep Bahadur Chhetri, spokesman of District Police Office Dhanusha said that during the investigation it was found that husband Rama had killed wife Jivchi Devi with a spade in a domestic dispute. The police have also recovered the spade used in the incident from the paddy field.

Rama was in Jivachi’s kiriya at this time. 5 days after the incident, the police arrested Ram sitting on a chair. DSP Chhetri said that he had confessed to being beaten to death with a spade during a domestic dispute and according to his statement, a spade has also been recovered from the paddy field.

According to the police, Rama has two sons. Vinay Mandal of 22 years and younger son Sanjay Mandal of 20 years. Younger son Sanjay is currently in Qatar in connection with a job abroad. The eldest son Vinay is at home. According to the police, there is a dispute between the husband and wife regarding the family loan.

The two sons of the deceased got separated from each other 10/11 days before the incident. The elder son was living alone and the parents were living with the younger son.

On the morning of October 4, at 7 o’clock, Jivachi Devi had gone to fertilize the field. Husband Ram took a spade and a spade from home and went to cut bamboo to make him a beggar.

According to the police, there was a discussion between them in the field about how to repay the remaining loan. According to police officials, during the brawl, Jeevchi Devi hurled obscene abuses at her husband Rama and according to police officials Rama hit him on the head with a spade in anger.

According to the police, to avoid suspicion after the murder, Ram himself broke the bangle worn by his wife and scattered it here and there, threw a spade in the field of another and fled. During the investigation of the incident, the spade used to kill Da was found in a field in the north-west corner, about 80 meters from the spot. DSP Chhetri said that further investigation is being done on Rama.

Source: OnlineKhabar

Himal Sanchar