‘I’m not misplaced’

'I am not lost'


August 24, Kathmandu. Prakash Dahal, a misplaced painter from Jhapa, has apologized for leaving with out informing. Per week later, he uploaded a video to Facebook from Sayangja’s walling, saying he was secure.

The household had lodged a search warrant on the space police workplace in Dumak, saying that he had gone lacking from Jhapa a yr in the past.

“I want to bow my head and apologize for the torture I have caused you to not have your mobile phone,” he stated.

He stated that he wrote poetry for his well-wishers close to Fewatal in Pokhara on Wednesday. And instructed on Facebook.

i’m not misplaced

i’m not misplaced
do not be afraid
be affected person mother
the solar is shining somewhat forward

Wake up, get up your son
It’s heading in a brand new path
You taught us to endure,
sister you taught me

you taught me to battle
you taught me to develop
i am on a visit
I’m on a beautiful journey

I’m in my very own scripture
I’m dressed to cowl my disgrace
I’m within the arms of the physique
i’m outfitted with life

This journey is certainly one of awakening and awakening
run and run
it’s rotting and decaying
melts and melts

Somebody is throwing stones at me on this journey
somebody believes in stone
comprehensible, educate some language
Some definitions are altering.

Some are driving on chariot wheels
Some are consuming bare.
some are expressing their sorrow
somebody is writing their story

somebody is making one thing
some are awake
somebody is adorning one thing
Some are preventing.

Someone is committing atrocities within the guise of a saint
Someone is spoiling the blonde hair.
Some are buying and selling nationalities on this journey.

And some on the lookout for carnage
And, when you are in mourning, I’m right here preventing starvation.


श्रोत : अनलाइनखबर

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