I’m not lost, time was wrong for me – Comeback After Three Years’ will be worthwhile



Cricket, Cricket and Cricket. This is my life so far. Today, I feel like where I am is because of cricket.

I started playing for Nepal from U-15 to Nepal in 2007, played for different teams through different age groups and even for Nepal. Despite the ups and downs in life, I never stopped playing cricket. I have made a comeback to the national team again after almost three years. The pain that I have suffered in meantime, are known only by myself. So I am fully prepared to perform well.

For three years I couldn’t be on the national team. This does not mean that I am lost. Bhuwan Karki will never give up cricket. When that happen that will be the last day of my life because cricket is in my blood. But time is not always the same. When it was my turn, I couldn’t play due to family problem.

The last time I played the ACC Emerging Teams Cup was at 2017. Afterthat, the son was born. I was out for some time due to injuries. I practiced for a year but did not play much cricket.
But I won’t give up. I had the feel that one day I would definitely get an opportunity and then I would play. Now I have the opportunity. I have made a comeback on the team for ACC Eastern Region T-20. This is the Golden Chance for me. Now I have to prove myself in it. This is the time to show how I’ve spent the last 3 years.
During my cricket career, I will never forget the finals of the ICC World Cricket League Division 3 held on the 2014. For me that was the surprise final. We won the title by beating Uganda.
It was thought that I would not play the final of the tournament in Malaysia. Due to that I became underground. But I was surprised to find my name on the playing team. In particular, the Subash (khakurel) brother was injured. He did not recover and I got the chance. Puvudu Sir also gave Confidence.

The results came out good. We beat Uganda by 3 wickets. I took 4 wickets and also secured a run out. In the first game of the competition, we lost to Uganda. We beat Uganda in the final and won the title. We were all thrilled. It was important to us because due to this Nepal was selected for Division 2.