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December 14, Benny. After the blooming of gourd in pus, the rural forests of Myagadi have started appearing overnight. Similarly, wild fruits like kaphaal and acelu have started bearing fruit in the off-season.

According to environmentalists, this is due to the direct effects of global warming, as the red gourds, which begin to sprout from mid-February, begin to bloom in pus and change the seasonal cycle of wildflowers.

According to locals, Laliguran, which usually blooms in the third week of February, has been blooming in the forests of West and North Myagadi from the second week of December this year. After the red gourd blooms, the forests in Phagun and Chait become colorful and attract everyone’s attention.

Ram Bahadur Khatri, 68, of Jamrukkot, said, “Laliguran used to bloom in the month of Phagun-Chait, but with the rising heat for a few years, the Laliguran started blooming early.” Prem Shahi of Beni Municipality-5 said that not only gourd but other flowers have started blooming in the off-season and its effect has been seen on food crops as well.

“Currently, the carp are ripe in pus and the gurns are blooming,” said environmentalist Suraj Sapkota.

Many visible and invisible changes are taking place due to global warming and climate change. According to him, due to climate change, there have been many changes in the mountains, vegetation, human health and reproductive process of women. Similarly, mosquitoes that were found only in warm places are now found in high mountainous and mountainous areas.

Climate change is caused by changes in the Earth’s average weather and in any part of the Earth’s atmosphere, wind speed, and weather changes over time.

Climate change causes changes in weather, rainy season and erratic seasonal changes in seasonal fruits and vegetables, avalanches, heavy rains, droughts and storms. Important herbs and plants have become extinct due to climate change.

Thus, when wealth is destroyed due to excessive rainfall, without rain, agriculture and forests dry up. Climate change has given rise to new diseases. Which is a big challenge for the world. As its influence grows, important herbs found in the mountainous regions of Nepal, including the Yarsagumba, are in danger of extinction.

Climate change is an important change in the weather in any part of the earth due to change in the temperature of the atmosphere, air flow and rainfall on the earth. According to meteorologists, changes in the Earth’s atmosphere, especially in gases such as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide, can cause climate change.

As the amount of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, methane and other gases in the earth’s atmosphere is increasing day by day, there is imbalance in the atmosphere and climate change is taking place due to the increase of gas in the atmosphere. Physicians and environmentalists have said that climate change is having serious effects on human health.

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Himal Sanchar