Inspector General Chhetri performed Maulo Puja at Police Headquarters

Inspector General Chhetri performed Maulo Puja at Police Headquarters

28 September, Kathmandu. Inspector General of Police Shailesh Thapa Chhetri on Thursday, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Nepal Police, paid obeisance at Moulo, the Police Headquarters Armed Police Battalion No. 1 Naxal.

He has even put his paw mark on the sacrifice and mark. On the occasion of Maulo Puja, Inspector General Chhetri presented a cash prize to Sub Inspector of Police Bhavani Chand and a cash prize to Police Constable Durga Bahadur Sinjli.

Additional Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Senior Police Officers and other police officers were present on the occasion. After the puja, Nishan Mulkot left for Hanuman Dhoka. Along with this, received the commentary and prasad from the priest.

The sign of Nepal Police has come from the platoon of Ram Dal. Which has two marks. The main symbol is the bow of Rama between the Sun and the Moon, while the auxiliary symbol is the Sun and the Moon.

The Nishan flag is considered a symbol of Shakti Peeth and Ishta Devta for Nepal Police to achieve success in sensitive and important task like maintaining peace and security of the nation and its citizens.

It has been a tradition to worship the Nishan Dhwaj so that there is no harm in the performance of the organization and there is success in the whole work. Nepal Police is doing Maulo Puja in Ward Dashain and Chaite Dashain every year as it got Nishan flag in Bikram Sambat 2011 BS.

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