Instagram stole another feature from TikTok

Kathmandu. In recent times, as users have become more attracted towards short videos, photo sharing platform Instagram has also released a short video platform called Reels on its platform.

Not only this, Instagram is also providing some features like Tiktok. Instagram is again going to give another feature similar to Tiktok.

If you are a Tiktok user and you have used the Repost feature on Tiktok, now this feature will soon be visible on Instagram as well.

International media have mentioned that the company is currently testing the repost feature on its platform as well.

Content posted by other users can be posted to their News Feed for their followers to see. This feature is called repost.

Previously, only Instagram Stories or Direct Messages could be shared. Now the company is going to add a feature that can share the content in the News Feed by naming it Repost.

Himal Sanchar