Interestingly, why does Bollywood singer Bappi Lahiri wear jewelery like this?

Interestingly, why does Bollywood singer Bappi Lahiri wear jewelery like this?

Bappi Lahiri is a musician as well as a singer, having composed music for over 650 films and hundreds of song albums in his career spanning 50 years in Bollywood.

Bappi Lahiri is always seen wearing the same style clothes and gold chain. Is it possible that Buppi Lahiri was influenced by his appearance? His answer to this question is- ‘My ideal person is Hollywood singer Elvis Presley. He also loved to sleep. He was wearing a brace in his hand, a chain around his neck, etc. When I entered the film industry, my mother gave me a gold chain for the first time. Then my wife made a chain from the idol of Ganesha. From that day I started considering gold as lucky. Because of gold, I have installed only one idol in the whole world.

Bappi Lahiri says about the jewelry he wears on his body- ‘If you look at my chain carefully, you will see Ganesha in it. If you turn it, Allah will be visible. If you look at my second chain, you will see Krishna in it, if you spin the same chain then Jesus will also appear. I respect every religion. I hang them around my neck thinking it is a blessing from God. I am brahmin by caste. But I respect every religion equally. I am a Hindu by birth, so Hinduism is my religion. But I do not insult other religions. This is what I am telling everyone that you follow your religion, but never insult other religions.’

Bappi Lahiri has the image of ‘Gold Man’ in Bollywood. He says, “I have said many places that Bappi Lahiri is a man of gold. Gold is lucky for me. Ever since I started wearing gold, all my songs have become popular one after the other.’

Not only this, Bappi Lahiri does not give his gold jewelery to anyone else. He says, “I will not give the chain I have worn around my neck to anyone, because I consider him my savior. I am moving forward with his blessings.

In many Bollywood films, some actors have presented comedy in their guise. Bappi Lahiri did not like that kind of imitation and comedy. As a result, he was forced to copyright his look.

Copyright of your look?

Creators suspect that others may claim their creations, that others may copy them. Taking copyright is a legal way to clear their doubts. While Bappi Lahiri has the copyright on his look. It will not be possible to imitate or caricature him in any language film to be made in the coming days.

About copyright Bappi’s banknote

Our filmmakers are very fast. They were making a comedy of any artist like me wearing clothes, gold bracelets and chains. I was told that this scene made me feel humiliated. Now nobody can do that.

Everyone thinks that gold bracelet on hand, gold chain around neck can become Buppi Lehar. But how can one become Bappi Lahiri like this? You have to do a lot of penance to become Bappi Lahiri. Bored now I have copyrighted my look. If someone copies my look in a film, I will sue them for millions of dollars. To be honest, I have seen in many films that some actors are doing comedy by dressing like me and singing gold ornaments. Seeing this, I felt sad inside. So now that I have copied it, nobody will be able to copy it.

This style of mine is famous all over the world. Wherever Asians live, they know that only Bappi Lahiri wears that kind of dress. Once I went to New York in the winter, it was very cold there, so I wore warm clothes outside to avoid the cold. The dress covered my gold jewelry from the outside. A man came and asked me, “Bappiji, is this your gold chain?” There is no singer in the whole of India who wears gold like me.

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