IoT exhibition from Bheli is expected to be seen by 5,000 people

From self-driving vehicles to rescue drones, projects can be viewed
Kathmandu Software College of IT and Ecommerce are going to organize an IoT exhibition in Kathmandu from Friday to make daily life smart through computing solutions.

Samples of 30 projects, including automated vehicles, smart wheels, smart delivery scooters, smart gardens, search and rescue drones, smart waste management and robotic hands, have been produced for the four-day exhibition at Dilli Bazaar.

An arrangement has been made for the general public to organize the expo from Saturday.

College director Amrit Thapa said that for the first time in Nepal, the smart vehicle was built at the college level.

Pramod Paudel, the college head, said the module software for Smart Solutions to be displayed at the exhibition was designed by students studying at the undergraduate level in computing and cyber security at the college.

The exhibition is organized with the objective of building skilled manpower and explaining the concept of computing solutions to the general public with emphasis on practical education, said Bijan Shrestha, president of the college.

Shrestha said that the free entry exhibition will be useful for the policy makers of the state, private sector, students, parents and those interested in the IT sector.

Manoj Shrestha, Coordinator of Exhibition and Strategic Head of Software College says that the exhibition will show how our lives can be made easier by using technology.

The college, which teaches IT courses at Coventry University in the UK, has also established an innovation center for BIT students. The current exhibition is said to have been prepared by students at the same Innovation Hub.

It is said that the Innovation Hub has been conceived so that students can focus on their college studies as well as research.

Chairman Shrestha said that the college would pay Rs. Will provide a grant of up to Rs.

It is said that all the preparations for the exhibition, which are expected to be seen by 5,000 people, have been completed.

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