James Cameron meets Rajamouli, ‘Avatar’ director watched ‘RRR’ twice

Kathmandu. Indian filmmaker SS Rajamouli, busy with his Oscar campaign, and Hollywood director James Cameron met at the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony on Monday morning. Rajamouli has shared a picture with director Cameron on Instagram and described him as great.

Rajamouli mentioned that Cameron had seen his film ‘RRR’ twice and advised his wife to watch it once. Rajamouli also mentioned that the ‘Avatar’ director took 10 minutes to analyze his film.

Directed by Rajamouli, ‘RRR’ won the Best Foreign Film and Original Song award at the Critics’ Choice Awards held in Los Angeles. Rajamouli writes, ‘The great James Cameron saw RRR. He liked it so much that he recommended it to Mrs. Suzy and watched it again with her. Sir I still can’t believe you spent 10 minutes with us to analyze our film. As you say, I am on top of the world, thanks to both of you.

The meeting of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Titanic’ director James Cameron and Rajamouli has been given priority by the Indian media. During the Golden Globe Awards, Rajamouli said that he met God when he met another Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg.

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